Everybody can agree that our pets are an important part of our families! Our eyes light up when we trade stories with other pet-owners and we beam when people remark on how cute or cool our pets are. For those as pet-crazy as us, the theme of our latest board on Mohawk Flooring’s Pinterest page should be a surefire crowd-pleaser: “Pets, Pets, & More Pets!”

We’re not just talking dogs and cats either (which we love of course!). Turtles, fish, hamsters, rabbits, horses, we think all pets are pretty spectacular. Whether furry or scale-y, tiny or large, our pets keep us company and are always there when we need them. Therefore, we go to great lengths to make sure our homes have pet-friendly surfaces and that we use pet-safe products.

Do you have other special ways that you honor your pets? Maybe your fish tank is an underwater mansion or perhaps you made a t-shirt with your cat on it. Now is the time to show off your frog magnet collection or share with others your affinity for YouTube videos of fainting goats!

Our Pets Pinterest board has pet recipes, nonprofits designed to find pets a home, pet artwork, fashion for pets, and of course our favorite carpet-loving pup Mo! Make sure to tell us about your favorite pets in the comments below, and don’t forget to #ShareMoLove. We can’t wait to revel in all things animal from our readers!