Hello! Can you believe we are counting down the days until Christmas? It seems like everything has happened so fast this year. I have been working on decorating our home for the past few weeks, and I think I am ALMOST done, but I just keep adding projects like these easy Paint Dipped Log Candle Holders!

Paint Dipped Candle Holders via @tarynatddd 2

They are so simple and inexpensive to make and add a little rustic glam charm to your holiday decor. And better yet, they transition perfectly into New Years and winter.

Paint Dipped Log Candles via @tarynatddd


– 3 logs

– Gold Metallic Spray Paint, Silver Metallic Spray Paint, White Spray Paint

– Blue Painter’s Paint

– Votive Candles


Paint Dipped Logs

Start but cutting the logs into 4″, 5″ and 7″ pieces.

Paint Dipped Candle Holder Tutorial

Before you decide which end to spray paint, stand each log up on each side to see which side is more level. Then, tape the logs using Blue Painter’s Tape and leaving 2 1/2″ bare.

Paint Dipped Candle Holder Tutorial via @tarynatddd

Spray paint with colors of your choice.

Paint Dipped Candle Holders via @tarynatddd

Then place a candle on top!

Such an easy project– it would even make a great gift too!

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