‘Tis the time of year when the ghouls come out and scary zombie-like creatures emerge from the dark, and some take great delight in embracing the spooky, the dead and general macabre. However, if that isn’t your favorite thing, Halloween decor doesn’t have to be scary to be fun.




In our home we prefer to keep things on the lighter side of life. We use fun patterns, decorated pumpkins and I use quite a bit of black and white in our Halloween decor. We make Halloween all about fun, candy and costumes and leave the dark side to those who well, enjoy that type of thing!




Some very simple decorations, many of which can be found around the house, make for a perfect Halloween tablescape. Black and white polka dots go with everything, and a craft-store pumpkin takes on a whole new flair when adorned with the same pattern.




A simple Target Dollar Spot banner heralds the night’s Trick or Treating ahead, it’s mixed tones of gold, black and white are right on trend for the bargain price of just $3.



Fun snacks, pumpkins and an event must-have (coordinated colored straws) make for a pre-trick-or-treating celebration that calls for a fun, not a scary, evening ahead.


A cute printable along with some color-coordinated oreos {everyone’s favorite!} add perfectly to the decor. Kids and adults alike will love this spread, after all Halloween is for all ages, isn’t it?



It wouldn’t be Halloween without a little “scary” but at the end of the evening, when the candy is counted and the costumes discarded, it’s the memory of the fun of the evening that lasts.


> halloween-table-2


See more of our Fall and Halloween decor over at 11 Magnolia Lane.  Thanks for stopping by and have a FUN Halloween everyone!


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