Decorating for each season is one of my favorite things in the world. Fall is particularly fun, because you can add a few touches here and there and completely transform your space.


This grateful sign hung above my cooktop is so simple, but it makes a bold statement. It is actually quite an understated piece. All browns and neutrals and burlap, but adding that tiny pop of color of the pumpkin really makes it pop. It also reminds our family to be grateful for all that we are given. This one goes up in September and I almost hesitate to take it down when Christmas decorating comes around because I love it so much.


Wheat is another fun neutral to bring into your home. I use it in all sorts of ways! In the kitchen, I just place a bunch purchased from the grocery into a simple white urn. I think the height of wheat always provides a beautiful show without overpowering a space. Again, you’ll see another tiny pumpkin to bring a bit of color in.


I also love to put wheat in this raised crate. It stays behind my couch and it is the first thing you see when you walk in the door. This little owl pairs perfectly and it is one of the colors I always use when decorating, so for me that is a neutral combination in my home. I would love to get a new rug for this room!



Another place that I love to add some seasonal cheer is the buffet in my hallway. You can see that almost everything is neutral…a burlap runner, wood slice cake stand, the wheat wreath and the oversized chalkboard. Even the fried hydrangea and chalk painted pumpkins only have a hint of color. It flows together beautifully!


Finally, my dining room has the key to my fall decorating loving heart. My passion for wheat explodes as the centerpiece on the table and the neutral decorations are plentiful. Mix in the burlap, woven chargers, wooden candlesticks, and simple white plates and you have a neutral palette that is anything but boring. My style is definitely neutral with a pop of color and in this room there may be loads of whites and soft tones, but our personalities enliven and color this room like you wouldn’t believe.

Happy Fall Y’all!