Sustainability. We hear this term so often that it has become a way of life rather than a corporate buzzword. From energy efficient appliances to low-flow showerheads, we’re all thinking of ways t0 help protect and preserve the earth – especially in our homes. But have we considered our flooring choices as a method of green living? From production to usage, flooring provides many opportunities to make decisions based on sustainable practices. That’s why Mohawk actively invests in technology that promotes sustainability throughout the lifecycle of our flooring – from the assembly line to the many years of use in the home.

This year Mohawk’s Builder/Multifamily division continues its investment in sustainability at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC) June 28th– 29th by proudly sponsoring the Green Builder Flex House. The Flex house is a full scale home built to promote “right-sized” living by helping homeowners use exactly the amount of resources needed. Right-sized isn’t just about square footage, though; it means having the ability to adapt your home to your lifestyle and the resources you truly need. The Flex House promotes living in a small-footprint, flexible space that is completely connected, intelligent, resilient, solar and most importantly, sustainable.

For the Flex House’s flooring, Green Builder chose Mohawk’s Classic Artistry Laminate in Silver Ivory. This flooring is 100% recyclable and made in the USA, which is important because it reduces our carbon footprint by erasing the need to import products. Mohawk’s laminate is also easy to clean, which means less products used and no harsh chemicals. The Floorscore and NALFA certified flooring features a unique locking system, and in-house designers construct each plank individually to create a realistic wood appearance. With all of these benefits, Mohawk’s laminate is a great pick for the Flex House and for your home too!

Check it out:

gray laminate floor - Mohawk

Mohawk’s Classic Artistry Laminate in Silver Ivory:

Mohawk’s Classic Artistry Laminate in Silver Ivory

Learn more about Mohawk’s sustainability mission by dropping by booth #2017 at PCBC to meet our team and see some of our flooring up close! And don’t forget to tour the Flex House at booth 705.