This is Doug the Pug. He loves pizza and beer, cupcake ATM’s and massages, donuts and shopping, and taking selfies. Lots and lots of adorable selfies.  He won the Shorty Award for Instagrammer of the Year in 2016! Doug the Pug also leads a pretty active lifestyle, from traveling the world to horseback riding, and his home is his sanctuary. He has distinct taste with regards to interior design, surrounding himself with stylish subway tile in the bathroom, scented candles, and luxury 500 thread count Egyptian cotton towels and sheets. So when it comes to flooring, Doug the Pug prefers to skateboard on Mohawk Flooring’s brand new SolidTech hard surface floors.

Launched just last month, SolidTech is Mohawk’s most distinct, natural hard surface flooring ever created. And while it’s the premium choice for discerning, socially active, style-conscious consumers, it’s also the perfect choice for Doug the Pug.

Not only is SolidTech modern and smart, offering beautiful colorways and sophisticated textures, but it’s also the best flooring on the market from a performance perspective.

SolidTech isn’t water-resistant, it’s actually 100% waterproof. That means it doesn’t allow any liquid through, which makes it the perfect flooring for kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms or basements. It can withstand bumps, scuffs, scrapes and spills – making it durable enough to stand up to rough and tumble kids, rambunctious pets, and your entire family during the holidays. SolidTech even withstand extreme temperatures and won’t fade due to UV exposure, so you can leave the curtains open even during the summer months.


If Doug the Pug’s endorsement hasn’t already convinced your that our SolidTech is the perfect flooring solution for your family, you can also visit our website or ask your local retailer.

Mohawk Flooring’s SolidTech is people, pug and pet approved – just ask Doug the Pug!