What started out as a three-day work assignment turned into one of those experiences that change lives.

Over a rainy weekend in early October, a camera crew and Laura Bartley, Marketing Communications Manager for Mohawk Flooring, flew from Atlanta to Philadelphia to join more than 800 men and women walking for a cure in The Susan G. Komen 3-Day event. The Mohawk crew was on the ground to talk with the participants about their experiences, and to hand out more than 800+ pieces of SmartCushion, Mohawk’s exclusively engineered carpet cushion, to place under the sleeping bags of participants and crew at the Philadelphia 3-Day.


We are a long time supporter of Susan G. Komen, and have donated more than $3 million to help find a cure for breast cancer. Our Decorate for the Cure program, which we launched in 2013, has raised more than $200,000 for Komen through the sale of our SmartCushion™ alone. It was an honor to support the Philadelphia 3-Day event with our SmartCushion and our motto: “Let Us Cushion Your Fight, We Support You All The Way.”

“After spending three days speaking with these amazing men and women, and the Susan G. Komen ground crew, it became a lot more than just the Mohawk sponsorship. We all walked away completely inspired,” said Laura Bartley, Marketing Communications Manager for Mohawk Flooring.


For three cold and stormy days in Philadelphia, Laura and the Mohawk film crew walked 60 miles, captured incredible footage, and spoke with men and women living with breast cancer. At the Philadelphia Convention Center, women rolled out their SmartCushion underneath their sleeping bags, and enjoyed the added softness and warmth it provided from the cold, hard floor.


“Each morning, women would come up to thank us for the SmartCushion. It was absolutely freezing during the walk, and they told us how the SmartCushion blocked the cold floor so they were able to sleep comfortably before walking 20 miles each day.”

The story became more than our SmartCushion, as Laura and her crew interviewed countless of people either fighting breast cancer, or that someone close to them that was fighting breast cancer. Many interviewed had lost a mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, or friend to breast cancer.


“We were all so moved by these amazing participants. During one part of the walk, I realized that I lost my cameraman,” said Laura Bartley. “I looked around for him and then I saw him, standing on the sidelines, high fiving and cheering these participants on!”

The Philadelphia 3-Day was an amazing weekend spent supporting an important cause; this video is the result of that remarkable experience and a thank you to the inspiring people we met along the way.