Hi Creative Home Readers! It’s Kristin from Bliss at Home and today I am sharing our little pet station in honor of pet month here on Creative Home.


Our little teacup Maltese, Zoey, is just a little over a year old. She is the little lady of the house and my two boys adore her. She is full of energy, very playful, and definitely a lap dog. She loves to cuddle and attack your face with kisses!

When we first got Zoey as a little 6-week-old puppy, I took every opportunity to find the most stylish puppy accessories. Being the design lover that I am, stylish puppy accessories were a must!

One little hiccup that I ran into was storing her pet supplies. We have maxed out our cupboard space in our tiny kitchen, so here is the little pet station I created to keep all her puppy stuff organized.


We had a tiny bit of space next to our back door in our kitchen so I found a skinny open shelving unit. The bottom two shelves have become Zoey’s and it works out really great to keep her organized.


It keeps all her food, treats, grooming, and health supplies within reach. We also keep her water and food bowl here. Her little bed moves around a lot, but she likes to be able to look out the doors. So, a lot of the time it is here by the back door.


I love to use lidded glass jars for her treats and food. It’s nicer than seeing bags and it is easy to know when it is time to go shopping for more.


I found a cute basket to use to hold all her grooming and health supplies. It’s easy to pull out and have everything right there when we need to groom her.

Other than that, we hang her leash on the coat hooks next to the door, and we stay tidy!

I think it’s nice when you can find stylish storage solutions for everyday needs. It just makes everything seem more put together and keeps you organized.

Now, I’m off to walk Zoey with the boys. We are enjoying these last few days of summer!

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