If you’re not in the market for wall-to-wall carpet, there’s an easy way to add some extra comfort to your rooms and hallways. Think about having a custom-sized rug, or cut and bound rug, made from one of your favorite carpet styles. Whether patterned or your favorite solid shade, a rug can serve as the ideal solution to many different home situations.


Rugs are the perfect, inexpensive way to indulge your home in the latest trend, without committing long-term to a particular design or bold color. Think Mohawk hardwood or laminate flooring underneath a bold-colored area rug with a symmetrical design. That softness adds a cozy feel while still remaining elegant, also lending resiliency and layers of texture. Match the color of your rug to the color of fabric on the furniture or drapery for an overall finished design. A stair runner will achieve the same visual effect, help prevent slips and falls, and become an insulator for a noisy high traffic area.


See, today’s cut and bound rugs do more than add style, they serve! A custom rug made from Mohawk SmartStrand Forever Clean provides the maximum carpet protection against stains and spills as well as All Pet Protection and Warranty– the only pet-friendly carpet protection system that covers all pets, all accidents, all the time! Thanks to the built-in Nanoloc™ spill and soil shield, a SmartStrand Forever Clean rug:

  • Repels liquid and boasts a 0% moisture absorption rate.
  • Reduces pet odors from the carpet fiber forever.
  • Vacuums dirt, fur and pet dander 3x easier than nylon.


Who said you have to stick to one flooring style in your home or even in the same room? There are many ways to pair multiple flooring types for a stylish look. With a little bit of planning, you can use the different textures to create the perfect feel that’s all your own. A cut-and-bound SmartStrand Forever Clean rug from Mohawk will add the perfect pop of softness and color to any room whether it’s a tile bathroom, a hardwood hallway and everywhere in between.

Now’s the perfect time to add a custom cut and bound rug to your home during Mohawk’s #LoveYourFloor Sale. From April 14 – May 30, 2017 save up to $500 or take 50% off select styles. Participating retailers are also offering special financing on SmartStrand Forever Clean custom cut and bound rugs with All Pet Protection and Warranty; to download a $500 off coupon visit our website.

How have you used area rugs in your home? Tell us your favorite ideas for a custom cut-and-bound rug and where you would use it in the home!