Each Susan G. Komen 3-Day event keeps getting better! We continued further North this time to take part in the Twin Cities 3-Day alongside an incredible 400 walkers and 175 crew members. The Twin Cities walkers raised another $1.1 million to fund breast cancer research, so in just two events, that brings the total money raised to an astonishing $2.2 million for the season!


To begin the event, four courageous speakers told the stories of their struggles and triumphs against breast cancer. The stories were raw, emotional and set the tone for the entire weekend. After the ceremonies, walkers began the day’s 19.5 mile route through Minneapolis, passing through beautiful Lauren Park. At the day’s end, walkers were greeted by a local high school football team and cheerleaders who helped everyone set up their tents and get situated. During that evening’s program at camp, top fundraisers were celebrated, and local awards were given out to three walkers who went above and beyond to help make sure the event ran smoothly.

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Day two of the walk began bright and early at 6:30 a.m. as the walkers were enthusiastic to cover 22.6 miles and continue through the beautiful city of Minneapolis. Spirits were high, and walkers were full of excitement as they passed through areas like Harvest Park and Little Canada. In large contrast to the Michigan walk, the Twin Cities route had a theme of water, lakes and parks, which showcased the beauty of the area by taking walkers down secluded trails and around the area’s scenic lakes rather than a more urban route. Following the journey, friends and family joined walkers and staff at camp for a special night that featured local entertainment and plenty of games!

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On the final day of the walk, the parade of pink made its way through St. Paul, Maplewood, Felix Park and Northwood Park. A cheering station at Indian Mounds Park offered a gorgeous view of the city skyline and was the perfect place to take a break and gain an energy boost for the last of the 60 miles. The weather on Sunday couldn’t have been better, and the closing ceremonies were, once again, an incredibly powerful moment. Another four speakers told their stories of why they walk and what continues to drive them, and after their speeches there wasn’t a dry eye to be found in the crowd.

komen, mohawk, twin cities


All three days of the Twin Cities event were amazing to experience. Temperatures were cool, spirits were high and love was all around. From handing out our pink SmartCushion at lunch to cheering on walkers and providing the bright pink finish line carpet, we are more than pink and couldn’t be more proud to partner with the Susan G. Komen foundation for these events. Up next: Philadelphia!