Valentine’s Day is nearly here and I will admit, it is one of my favorite holidays!  I love the sentimentality of it and the added love and service that is often rendered during this time of year.  I also love the excuse to eat lots of good chocolates!  (Not cheap chocolates like I enjoy at Halloween, but good quality delicious chocolates that I don’t even share with my kids sometimes…oops!)  I also love adding special Valentine’s Day touches to my home during this time of year too.  But.  If you don’t want to decorate for Valentine’s Day, or don’t like decorating for holidays, you certainly don’t have to!  Because it is still cold here in the midwest, I love to add touches that help my home feel warm and cozy this time of year.  So today I am going to share a few simple ideas to incorporate that warm and cozy feeling of love and warmth in your home that will work all winter long, not just during Valentine’s Day!

Incorporating the Feeling of “Love” and “Warmth” into your Home

adding warmth and love to your home-09595

Decorate with Blankets

Add warm and cozy blankets throughout your home.  I added a cute basket by my fireplace because I like to cozy up at night on my couch with my sweetie and watch a tv show before bed.  But I have also seen beautiful blanket ladders or other ways to incorporate blankets into your decor.  This is easy, simple and adds a touch of warmth to your home.  It might also help encourage cuddling…which I can not be held liable for.

DIY Gold Arrow Pillows - featured image

Add Warm Colors and Metallics

Add warm colors to your home!  You can be bold and paint a wall a warm color, or simply add a few warm colors pillows or other decor to your home.  It depends on how permanent you want the changes to be of course.  But I often find that adding a few extra pillows in beautiful jewel tones this time of year can take away the dreary and drab, and add color and warmth to your home in no time.  Metallics can also warm up a space instantly!  Try adding gold or rose gold accents in your home for a modern but warm feel.  (see how to make my gold arrow pillows here)


Add a Rug

Especially if you have wood or tile floors, during these long, cold winter months, your toes might actually be feeling a little chilly!  So warm up your feet and the feeling of your space with a cut and bound rug from Mohawk Flooring like this SmartStrand Forever Clean Inventive Living style in Honey Dipped.  It is so warm and yummy looking!  It is the perfect way to warm up your home this time of year.

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Add Sentimental Decorations

Take this month to add a few sentimental decorations to your home.  Whether you simply update a few family photos in your frames or create a brand new gallery wall, adding meaningful decorations it the perfect way to bring the love of your family into your home.  I also love incorporating quotes or art that is meaningful in some way into my home.

Gold Color Blocked Cement Planter

Add a Little Life

Add a little life to your home by adding a bit of greenery to your home or even fresh flowers!  Fresh flowers always create a beautiful warm environment but if you prefer something more long-lasting, consider adding a plant or even faux greenery.  I am a big fan of fake succulents for decorating.  It adds a touch of life, spring and warmth into your home without any maintenance! (learn how to create my gold color blocked cement planter to put your own faux succulents in here)