We have seen some interesting things with color forecasting over the last few years in my opinion.  Last year Pantone selected two colors which is unheard of!  They were a light pink and a light blue which brought me back to memories of my childhood living room that was full of pinks and blues (in the 80’s).  I don’t know that I ever really got fully on board with last year’s colors (maybe I was the minority, I don’t know) but this year I think Pantone hit the nail on the head!  This year is a beautiful color that is so ridiculously easy to incorporate into your home, you’re going to love it!  The color of the year for 2017 is “Greenery.”  And it is just what you’d expect.  A beautiful, bright green similar to many green plants.  I have already seen a surge of use of this color in the home decor world and so I think it is going to be an absolute hit in 2017 and continue to grow in popularity and availability.

So let’s check out this color shall we?


Pretty.  Bright.  Not too saturated and not too bold.  But lots of color and lots of fun.  I almost think this might turn into a new neutral soon just like navy has.  This green is so versatile and so easy to incorporate into your home.

So, how to incorporate Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year into your home?  I can’t wait to show you!


No I don’t mean the color, I mean the plant!  Adding plants is a quick, easy, inexpensive and beautiful way to add a touch of this beautiful color into your home!  And if you don’t have a green thumb, go for succulents or a peace lily, or skip real plants all together and add a few fake ones into your home.  I made a fun wreath using fake succulents and that is a great way to add green to your home this year.  (See how I made this here.)

Botanical Prints

Botanical Prints are HOT right now and it is also a great way to add a touch of beautiful green to your space.  You can find this print and more from Ethan Allen.


Swoon!  Go bold and add a green couch, or chair to your home this year!  It can be done so tastefully and beautifully…so if you are brave enough, 2017 is the year to finally add your green couch to your home!  I think this couch from Joss and Main is so amazing!



Is a whole green couch a bit much for you?  Well how about sprucing how your current couch with just a few pillows.  There are so many options that incorporate this beautiful green color, it won’t be hard to find them, but it will be hard to choose which ones you want!  This one from Redbubble is super cute.


Is your couch new but you still are ready to make a bold statement in your space?  How about adding a new cut and bound rug from Mohawk!  This is a great way to add a customized rug into your space in virtually any color you like!  I think Mohawk Flooring’s Primary Color Ultrastrand carpet in Parrot is super fun!

Will you add “greenery” to your home this year?