A new year means new design trends and 2016 is no different. Whether it is color, furnishings, or accents there always seems to be something new in the area of home decor. Does that mean you need to redecorate everything in your home each year? Absolutely not! We all have items that are our favorites no matter what the current trend. So today, we are going to share with you how to incorporate 2016 design trends in your home.

First though, what are some of the current trends that are showing up in home decor in 2016?

  • Texture
  • Gold accents
  • House Plants
  • Bold florals
  • Geometric designs

Each of these can be incorporated into your home design without redesigning every aspect in your home. You may choose only a few, or all. You may even discover a new trend that you love and use some of our ideas we will share with you to bring it into your own design.


Texture creates interest in any decor. For 2016, texture is a big trend. How do we incorporate it? By combining interesting pillows and throws, and what an economical choice. We chose a large, cream cable knit pillow to pair with a bold geometric pillow. Both against a neutral, soft throw. Staying in a neutral palette creates a focus on the textures as well.

mohawk image textured carpet

Carpet is another incredible way to add texture and warmth to any space. This Natural Glory Mohawk SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet in Graceful Goldenrod has a beautiful and fun pattern throughout to instantly add texture to your home decor. The color keeps it neutral and allows it to showcase many home decor styles and trends.


Gold Accents have a way of adding warmth and depth to a room. By adding a few key elements subtly in your room, you can bring the gold into the decor. We chose these metallic gold slate coasters to add to our family room. Also, we placed a fun plant in a metallic gold container. The contrast of the gold against the wood is stunning.


These contemporary embroidered throw pillows allowed us to not only bring texture into the room, but also the gold color. Sometimes you can accomplish two design trends in one element. It’s all about thinking outside the box.


House plants are the perfect way to add an organic element to your decor and bring a bit of the outside in. In 2016 it is going to be all about the cactus. They are simple to grow and very inexpensive. These fun little plants are available in a variety of types and textures.


The greens and variegated colors of plants create a visual interest in your home. We love the look of this snake plant in the very traditional urn. It creates a bit a height in the corner of the room and adds a contrast of contemporary and traditional. 2016 is going to be full of plants in the home.


Bold florals are making an arrival on the design scene in 2016. This large scale floral painting is the center of this family room. It offers a pop of color to a neutral room. You can incorporate this trend in art, pillows, or even rugs.


Geometric designs can really add a playful and fun element to your design. They provide unexpected interest and shapes in home decor. We chose to bring this element into our family room in a few ways, the first being in our pillow choice. This geometric and contemporary pattern plays well against the traditional cable knit pillow. Keeping the color scheme neutral adds a complementary touch to the design.


Another way to add geometric design is through accents. This unique, geometric shaped glass terrarium is a great way to bring that element into the room. Yes, you could even add a little air plant or fern in it. The glass with the antique gold trim is almost retro in its feel. Stacked on this vintage book, it creates an interesting display.

So what design trends are your favorite? How do you plan on incorporating them in your own home?

We would love to have you stop by Uncommon Designs and see more inspiration for you in creating a beautiful life!


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