I love bringing the outdoors in when decorating my home.  This is so fun to do and is a beautiful way to decorate any time of year!  During the winter it is fun to bring beautiful branches inside but in spring and summer it is fun to bring fresh flowers and foliage inside!  The great thing about decorating right now is that there are so many real and faux options available, which is especially helpful if you suffer from any allergies.  In either case, I am sharing some fun ideas to decorate your home not just with natural elements but natural textures too.  Here are 5 ways to decorate with natural textures.

How to Decorate with Natural Textures


Choose Natural Fiber Fabrics

Whether you are adding a few new throw pillows or perhaps replacing your couch, choosing natural fibers like cotton and wool provide a beautiful look and gorgeous texture to your home.  These beautiful 100% cotton pillows with down filling are a great example of adding rich color and beautiful natural texture to your home.  (find them here)

live edge wood mirror

Embrace Woods in Every Color and Texture

Embrace the use of wood in your home.  Real or faux, it is so fun to embrace woods in different species, different textures, different colors, not everything in your home has to match.  If you love it, use it!  I especially love the new live edge wood pieces you can find easily now or even make yourself!  But I really love this live edge wood mirror.  (find it here)

leather bin

Use Leather

You can use leather to add a bit of beautiful and luxurious texture to your home.  Even if you don’t want a full leather couch in your home, you can add a leather chair, a leather pillow or other leather decor accents throughout your home for a fun, traditional or modern touch in your home.  This leather bin is especially fun!  (find it here)

natural stone

Choose Natural Stone

Natural stone has color, pattern and texture that simply can not be recreated by any other material.  When choosing natural stone or manufactured stone, natural stone always provides a more beautiful option.  You can see how our Tile Accent Wall turned out here.


Choose Carpets or Rugs in Natural Looking Colors

While choosing a carpet or rug that is made with all natural fibers is not always practical, you can still find beautiful and stain resistant carpets that give a look of natural colors and beautiful textures.  I love adding cut and bound rugs from Mohawk into a room to provide warmth, a homey feeling and a beautiful look and you can’t go wrong with a rug made from Mohawk’s Capeside Fresh Air.