Neutral shades and bright whites dominated 2016, but Benjamin Moore decided that 2017 should be the year of Shadow. The dark gemstone shade has a richness that can add layers of texture to a room, either as the main color or part of a purple palette.


(Source – Home Bunch)

Dark and deep yet versatile, Shadow adds a dramatic sophistication to your home. But you don’t have to restrict this shade to your walls! Unlike the pastels of Pantone, the best way to incorporate Shadow into your current home décor would be to go big and bold. Furniture, wall to wall carpeting, even your front door, are perfect places to showcase this gorgeous purple hue.

Here are some of our favorite ways to add amethyst elements into your home décor:


You don’t always have to repaint a room to add new colors to your décor. Pair the richness of Shadow with vibrant walls or chairs to provide a calm contrast to the other intense colors of the space.


(Source – House Beautiful)


Want to stand out in your neighborhood and make a style statement? The elegant amethyst is a color that blends well with the neutral exterior of most homes yet stands out and enhances curb appeal.


(Source – Apartment Therapy)


Whether your home features a modern, contemporary or classic style, the versatility of Shadow can complement any type of design. A gorgeous carpet, like this SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet with All Pet Protection in Masquerade from our Spicy collection, is a not too subtle addition that accentuates the colors and patterns throughout the room.


(Source – Mohawk Flooring)


Add intensity to your home by painting the walls. Shadow’s dark tones can create an intense aura that’s perfect for a minimalistic focus; use light hardwood flooring and white furniture to ease the intensity of the interior.


(Source – Sandra Best Décor)

Accent Pieces

Small additions like bed sheets or couch covers are a simple way to add Shadow to your home décor. Bright white sheets featuring intricate designs in purple are another fun way to add some contrast to the space.


(Source – Décor Pad)

How do you plan to include Shadow in your home décor? Let us know in the comments!