The Komen 3-Day event is an amazing experience, and this year hundreds of walkers and countless supporters came out to ensure that the Michigan event was an absolute success. 350 devoted walkers raised a whopping $1.1 million to help support breast cancer research!

While walking is the main focus of the 3-Day, each day was vastly different. Here are the top highlights from our time in Michigan.



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For the first time in 3-Day history, the opening ceremonies kicked off with speakers on a circular stage, allowing them to form a circle of strength together with the crowd. Four courageous breast cancer survivors then gave inspirational speeches that made it nearly impossible to spot a dry eye in the crowd. Afterward, the walk officially began! Walkers departed for the first leg of the course, which consisted of 19.3 miles and passed through places like Pavilion Shore Park before ending at Novi Middle School.




After a chilly Friday night at camp, the walkers arose from their sleeping bags – cushioned underneath by Mohawk’s pink SmartCushion – for a 22.3-mile trek. The highlight of the day came when walkers passed through Plymouth, Michigan. Plymouth may be a small town, but it’s a huge supporter of the 3-Day events. The town square is dyed pink, and supporters line the streets to give walkers a much-needed boost. From handing out water and candy to selling breast cancer t-shirts, the whole town came out to join in and support participants. Plymouth has always been a hidden gem of the 3-Day events. After the 22-mile adventure, walkers hung out in camp with friends and family that had come to visit. There were large lawn games like mini golf, food trucks and even live music! Afterward, it was time to rest up for the last leg of the course.




Over the years, Sunday has proven to be the most powerful day of the event. Walkers finished their 60-mile parade of pink at Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan and celebrated with music, snacks, victory shirts and lots of love! At 4:30 p.m., the closing ceremonies kicked off, and the amount of energy everyone had, even after traversing 60 miles, was astounding. Participants found out how much money they had raised, and the finish area was alive with dancing, jumping and celebration. The love and support for those affected by breast cancer was almost impossible to describe.


It was a great weekend in Michigan, and we can’t wait to participate in the rest of the 3-Day events!