Hey party people!

We all have that someone. That someone who inspires us. That someone whom you admire. That someone who truly shapes who you are. I am so thankful for many people like that in my life, but the one who really encouraged the entertainer in me was my grandmother. She was the perfect hostess. She always had enough food to throw a party for the whole neighborhood and welcomed anyone with open arms.

One of my favorite memories growing up was looking through her jewelry. She had two stand-up cases of jewelry plus 3 or 4 more boxes full in her closet. When we’d come to visit, she would let me look through her jewelry, and I had the best time admiring all the beautiful pieces!

It’s been several years since she passed away, and I miss her all the time. One thing she left to her grandchildren was some of her jewelry. I adore the jewelry but don’t wear it often. I wanted to create something to move those brooches and clip-on earrings out of the closet and out on display.

This project is really easy.

All you need is a frame, some thick card stock, glue (glue gun or e6000) and your jewelry.

Cut the cardstock to fit the frame.

Play around with the placement of the brooches/jewelry you have. You can create a heart, initials, a simple circle or whatever else you prefer.

Once you have the placement down, use a glue gun or e6000 to secure the jewelry to the card stock. I used a glue gun, & so far it has held up just fine.

Add your art to your frame, & you’re done!

I think of my grandmother every time I see it, and it makes me smile! She lived a life that constantly showered people with love, and I think THAT is what the best element of a party is!

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