Hey party people!

The ultimate party season is about to kick off & I’m so excited: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, etc.

But I don’t just love throwing parties…I love attending them as well. And when I attend a party, I always try to bring a gift. There’s a lot of work that goes into hosting a party, so the gesture of a host/hostess gift is very meaningful. It says, “Thanks for sacrificing time, money, and maybe even a little bit of sanity to have us.”

The gift doesn’t have to be super expensive. A simple bottle of wine will do. If you want to add something special, here’s a really easy way to jazz up that bottle of wine.

A perfect host/hostess gift for a Halloween party, I present to you the Vampire Cape Wine Bottle Gift.

It doesn’t take much to take an ordinary bottle of wine & turn it into a festive gift.

All you need is: 

1 piece of black felt


tag (I made my own using scrapbook paper)

Step 1: Cut the ribbon about 8 inches long.

Step 2: Take the rectangular piece of black felt & wrap the top 1/4 of it around the wine bottle neck.

Step 3: Tie the ribbon around it.

Step 4: Thread the ribbon you just tied through the tag & secure.

Your Halloween party host/hostess will love the thought & creativity you put into this!

Hope your Halloween is frightfully wonderful!

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