We love fall!  People seem nicer since the holidays are approaching and it’s a great time to reflect on your fortunes from the year.  Since we have a bunch of young kids at home, we’re constantly reminding them to be grateful for what they have.  This new “give thanks always” sign is a great visual for them.  When they’re asking for a new iPod or iPad Air 2, we can just remind them to be grateful for….siblings to play with.  Because our kids don’t own any iGadget, actually.  They have acreage to play on, who needs them!? (;

Here’s how you can build your own give thanks always sign.

give-thanks-sign (1)


  • Wood.
  • Acrylic paint (We used Americana ‘Antique Gold’, ‘Burnt Umber’, ‘Snow White’ and ‘Soft Blue’).
  • Stencil (we use our vinyl cutter).
  • Free laurel clip art.
  • Foam brushes.
  • Sandpaper (optional).

give-thanks-sign (4)


  • Cut wood to size (ours is 8″ x 16″).
  • Cut stencil.
  • Paint wood white.
  • Negative weed stencil, apply transfer tape, remove bottom layer of vinyl, position on wood, peel off.


  • Paint inside stencil.
  • When dry, lightly sand to “distress”.

give-thanks-sign (5)

You can see an easy how to apply a vinyl stencil picture step-by-step on a previous sign we made.  It’s really easy and gives you so many options if you have your own cutter.

give-thanks-sign (3)

give-thanks-sign (2)

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