Hey party people!

I get so excited about Christmas, because of many reasons, but one of those reasons is because I get to whip out our good china & set a formal table. Most of my meals are rushed so I really look forward to taking time to prepare, set, and beautify our Christmas dinner and table. Because we don’t do this on a nightly basis, sometimes it’s good to have a reminder on how to set a formal place setting.

I created this formal place setting guide as a little cheat sheet to prepare for Christmas dinner:

1| Salad Fork  2| Dinner Fork  3| Butter Knife & Bread Plate  4| Dessert Fork   5| Dessert Spoon   6| Dinner Knife   7| Soup Spoon   8| Beverage Spoon  9| Tea/Coffee Cup & Saucer  10| Red Wine Glass  11| White Wine Glass  12| Water Goblet

* This is based on my experience with dinner parties…I know there are a few different opinions on placement. This has been the most practical and most-used place setting I’ve found. 

I know this is just the entertainer in me but a beautiful table setting makes me so happy! Strange, I know. But the icing on the cake would be the placecards. Even if you don’t really need to tell people where to sit, it offers such a personal touch and I think it makes people feel special.

Here are a few budget-friendly & simple place cards you could use:

All it takes for this place card holder is a couple of materials that you probably already have around the house, plus a glue gun & white card stock.

Use a little bit of removable mounting putty at the bottom of an ornament to make it stand up straight. This also sticks to the plate to further secure it. Use a glue gun to add a tag or a small piece of cardstock at the top of the ornament. Whether it’s a name or Christmas greeting, it will bring the guest holiday cheer.

I used pieces snipped from my Christmas tree to create this initial place card. I just realized that both of these place cards could come straight from your tree. At least you don’t have to go far.

 To create your own evergreen initial, gather a few sprigs from your tree, some faux berries, silver ribbon, craft wire, and a glue gun.


* Lay out your sprigs in the shape of the letter you want.

* With your glue gun, line the backs of the sprigs with a little glue then apply the wire to it. (You could skip this part & just glue the sprigs together to create your letter but I wanted to have a little more flexibility to bend it)

* Bend it to your preference.

* Use your glue gun again to add the silver ribbon & berries.

The last place card takes the least amount of time. I got the evergreen sprigs from my front yard, added some faux berries and a silver ribbon.

You can also add a tag to it, if you’d like to create a specific place card.

Hope this helps you get excited about your holiday dinner! Have a very Happy Holiday!

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