The dog days of summer are winding down, and there’s no better time to celebrate man’s best friend than on National Dog Day!

Not sure how to commemorate the momentous occasion? Here are a few ideas to show some love for the canine in your life.

  • Dress ‘em up! We love to put on our snazziest attire when we’re celebrating ourselves (e.g., birthdays, weddings, etc.) so why should we deny this indulgence to our pups? At the very least, a new collar is in order. If you really want to turn the swag up, consider one of these show-stopping ensembles, all available at The Rover Boutique’s Etsy shop


  • Bake a scrumptious treat. My dog loves this healthy recipe, and I can rest easy about giving it to him because I know EXACTLY what’s in it. All-natural ingredients allow for a stress-free, tasty (as long as I don’t burn it!) treat.



If your dog is less than enthusiastic about chewing. I’m incredibly jealous because you have lots of adorably soft and cuddly options to choose from, including this precious fleece rabbit and a yellow lab toy that looks just like our very own Mo.

dog day collage2

  • Take time to teach a new trick. Contrary to popular belief, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. If you need some inspiration, Better Homes and Gardens recently published this helpful article on tips and best practices.


  • Take Fido on a special outing. A hike in the woods, a walk by the river, or just a leisurely stroll in a nearby neighborhood. Your furry friend will love to see new sights and smell new smells.


If you don’t have a dog, you can still celebrate by spending some time with local shelter dogs or making a donation to help dogs in need. As always, is a great place to search for adoptable pets in your area if you’re looking for a new best friend.  (Did you know? Mohawk is a proud PetFinder Foundation supporter. Learn more at