When something appears too good to be true it usually is BUT I may have found an exception.

When it comes to rugs, they offer so many advantages in a living area. They are a great way to personalize your space and express your sense of style. They can totally transform the look and feel of a room in the mere seconds it takes to position it in your floor. Rugs instantly add warmth, coziness and character to a room.

These are just some of the benefits an area rug can bring to your home. I particularly love rugs because they can make your space seem brand new. If I change my mind about a certain look and feel of a rug then I don’t feel guilty because rugs come in all price ranges and I know that I can find another one I love without breaking my bank.

So, what if I told you that I recently discovered it’s possible to take wall-to-wall carpet and transform it into a cut and bound rug? This opens up a whole new realm of creative and long-lasting possibilities. Not to mention, cut and bound rugs allow the option of size customization to perfectly fit any space. What a great option for entryways and hallways that can be difficult to fit!

I began to explore the world of possibilities. My perfect rug would stand up to muddy paws, dirty little shoes, melting popsicles and fruit punch. But, is it possible for busy households to maintain the beauty of a rug without worrying about wear and tear and common stains?

After some diligent research , I learned there are thousands of styles and textures in a variety of fibers out there from which to choose! In fact, Mohawk SmartStrand carpet is kid-proof AND pet-proof and can be cut and bound into a rug that will maintain its beauty.

It’s true! I can now have a beautiful rug that suits my space taste and my lifestyle – or maybe I should say the lifestyle of my three boys, three cats and dog. Either way, a SmartStrand custom bound area rug is definitely going on my wish list!