Everyone loves a pretty centerpiece, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on one. There are plenty of creative ways to decorate your table; and simple, inexpensive ideas can be just as beautiful as pricey store-bought decor. Read on for some easy, inexpensive table centerpiece ideas, whether you are decorating for a special occasion or just want some pretty decor displayed year-round.

DIY Succulent Planter Box


Succulents are pretty and relatively low-maintenance, so they’re a great option to incorporate into your decor. You can buy a pretty planter box, or build one yourself! For this one, all you need is a 1×4 board, wood glue, a nail gun (or hammer and nails), paint or stain, potting soil, and succulents. You can add pea gravel for added drainage and to finish off the look. Using glue and nails to attach all of your boards, you can customize this box to any size you choose. This one was painted with a faux concrete finish, but the possibilities are endless!

Board with Candles or Vases

It doesn’t get easier than this. Cut a board to any dimensions you choose. A 1×4 or 1×6 board works great for this, and you can make it as long or as short as you’d like. Paint it or stain it, distress it with a sanding block if you want a more rustic look, and then place candles or small vases along the length of the board. Simple, inexpensive, but pretty!

Vase with Branches


Take advantage of natural elements around you, especially since they’re free! Trim a few branches from your yard and toss them in a large vase for a larger centerpiece that makes an impact and reflects the current season. Maybe the branches are bare, or maybe they have blooms depending on the time of year. Regardless, the effect is stunning.

Glass Jars or Bottles with Flowers

Upcycle those old mason jars or glass bottles by removing the labels and using them as vases. Pasta sauce jars, glass soda bottles, and olive oil bottles work great for this. Grouping them together creates a more dramatic effect, and you can’t beat the price since it’s practically free. You can paint the bottles and jars to coordinate with your decor or the specific occasion, or even create your own labels or add vinyl chalkboard labels for a fun accent.

Bird Cage Decor


Fill a bird cage with moss, baby’s breath, candles, flowers, or fresh greenery for a unique and whimsical centerpiece. You can find decorative bird cages at craft shops or online, and you can always spray paint it any color you choose.

It’s amazing how a simple container, some paint, and natural elements (some of which can even be found in your back yard) can come together to create a beautiful and budget friendly centerpiece. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to create something you love, and decorate your table in a way that suits your style.