Hello again! We’re excited to celebrate Summer Family Fun month with a kid friendly craft. We spied several cute homemade bird feeders via Pinterest, but saw an easy formula from Loelaloep and decided to try our hand at our own bird feeders made from toilet paper rolls, rocket style!

You will probably have most of these craft supplies around. We made a quick stop at Walmart for the bird feed, ($2.)


Supplied needed are a few toilet paper rolls, scrapbook paper, ribbon/bakers twine, hot glue, birdseed and peanut butter. Making these fun bird friendly rockets were so quick and the kids loved to help!



  1. Trim scrapbook into a 1.5″ x 7″ strip.
  2. Hot glue around the base of the toilet paper roll.
  3. Fold another piece of scrapbook paper into a “birthday hat” and glue closed. Note: leave a little gap at the tip to pull bakers twine through.
  4. Trim the excess scrapbook paper off so it stands up with a flat base.
  5. Add ribbon to the INSIDE of the toilet paper roll (to mimick the rocket flare) and add a piece of ric rac ribbon around as trim.
  6. Hole punch (small punch) 3 holes around the TOP of the toilet paper roll, OPPOSITE of the “rocket flare” ribbon.
  7. String 1′ of bakers twine or ribbon through the 3 holes and knot.
  8. Slide the rocket top “birthday hat” through the bakers twine, hot glue around the edges to keep it from sliding.
  9. Let the kiddos help on this part and smother peanut butter around the raw toilet paper roll. (If your child has a nut allergy, try No Nuts Golden Peabutter instead!
  10. Sprinkle birdseed on the sticky peanut butter.
  11. Hang from a tree and watch the cute birds fly to your new bird feeder!


We encourage you to soak up these last few weeks of summer break and get those kids creating! Have a great Summer Family Fun month! You can see more kids crafts here on our blog or follow along with us on Pinterest or Instagram. (: