Creating a stylish work environment is easier than you think.  No longer are the days when you are stuck with standard, office issued supplies.  Incorporating personality into your work space allows you to feel more at home & likely more productive than sitting in a sterile lifeless environment.

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Whether in a corporate office or an at home space, starting with a clean desk is key.  Clear off as much unnecessary clutter as possible.  Utilizing trays & boxes are a great way to keep the papers organized & out of sight.

 Add personality with artwork, personalized accessories & flowers.  Flowers are a must… they always brighten my day.  Even if they are simply cut from the garden.

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A simple task light or small lamp is also great to help light the night during an all nighter.  You know we’ve all been there.  Just be sure to select a lamp that keeps the glare off of your screen & out of your eyes while sitting.  Ark lamps, goosenecks or Pharmacy Lamps are great for desks.

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Here are a few items I am personally crushing on for a Stylish Desk.


desk | task lamp | phone charger | tape dispenser | waste basket | pencils  | business cards

What desk and office items are YOU crushing on right now?


xo-Kristin Jackson | The Hunted Interior