A bathroom is more than a shower or a restroom break, it’s the last place we go before putting our best face forward to the rest of world. It’s also the room many of us escape to when we need some rejuvenation. With this ideal in mind, we present some truly exquisite examples of fabulous bathrooms on our Mohawk Flooring Pinterest page.

The entire family can appreciate an artfully designed powder room. From a completely unique sink, to bathtubs with gorgeous window views, we thought about the features you would cherish the most and brought them to life in this Pinterest board.

Do you want bold splashes of color to energize your daily routine or smooth tones that help you ease into your day? A snazzy patterned wallpaper can also add a fashionable feel as you primp and prep!

A perfect lavatory is sure to include a stylish foundation such as our beautiful Mohawk Ceramic Tile, a flooring with time-honored performance and slip resistance that will serve your family well. Our Tile Flooring board contains inspiration for tile application everywhere in a bathroom including showers, counters and walls. And really, does it get more relaxing than a cool, earthy stone visual?

Look no further than our Bathroom Inspiration board to find the touches and design that will help you capture the perfect tranquil state you are looking for. Whether you lean towards a traditional feel or a jazzed-up, personal touch, your ideal bathroom will help you cleanse mind, body and spirit.

Which of these pins would you repin to your Dream Bathroom Pinterest board? Repin and let us know, and then share with us in our comments below!