Pantone, the leader in color forecasting recently announced their 2016 color of the year.  Color(S) to be exact!  Usually Pantone only selects one color, so it was a surprise to see that they picked two colors this year.  And if you haven’t already heard, these two colors are creating quite the stir!  Pantone has selected Serenity (a light blue color) and Rose Quartz (a pink color) to be the 2016 colors of the year and today I am excited to share a few ideas of ways that you can incorporate Serenity into your home in 2016!

Now before I share a few ideas, I will just say it!  Pink and blue!?  Those colors were popular in the 80’s, I know I know, but guess what, they are back!  And in all seriousness, I think we shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss this combination of pastel colors this year.  I am convinced that these two colors will make a splash this year in beautiful home decor accents and in fashion!  Maybe not in the same proportion, shade or overuse that we witnessed in the 80’s, but with a more refined and sophisticated touch.  I am personally already beginning to fall in love with Serenity blue!

So here are a few ideas to add a little Serenity into your home this year:



Change Your Towels

If you have a fairly neutral bathroom or kitchen, consider changing your towels to a beautiful shade of blue!  This is a great way to add a little touch of color without going overboard or feeling overwhelming.



Add a Lamp

Add a splash of blue to your space by incorporating a pretty blue lamp into your room.  Again this is a great way to add a little touch of color to your home to keep it modern and on-trend but without spending a lot of money.  And oh my goodness, this light fixture is to die for!!



Update a Decoration

Don’t update your whole room, but make one or two small additions or changes to your decor to add just a touch of blue into your room.  I particularly love this beautiful decorative bowl with lovely blue accents.



Change a Rug

Rugs are so easy to change and I love the idea of adding a touch of serenity blue to your room with a beautiful cut and bound rug like this one from Mohawk Flooring: Perfect Backdrop in Skylight.



New Bedding

If you’re feeling extra brave, change your linens or bedding to a beautiful and relaxing light blue color.  Blue is a calming color so it is a great color to incorporate into your bedroom to help you relax at night.

What do you think about decorating with Serenity? Let us know in the comments!