If you are as old as I am, you have seen florals come in and go out of home decorating trends several times.  And while I will admit I love a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers, I have not always loved decorating with florals.  Especially since I vividly remember the florals of the 90’s in mauve and baby blue.  Not my style.  But floral patterns and colors today are so much more fun.  They are trendy, minimalistic or even a bit rustic and the colors are simply amazing.  Florals today are not your grandma’s florals!  They are a perfectly beautiful way to decorate your home and so today I am excited to share tips for decorating your home tastefully with florals.

Use Care

My first tip is to decorate with florals with care.  It is important to add just a touch of floral to your home and not go overboard (unless that’s really your style).  Any home can add a touch if floral patterns, but not all homes can go overboard with florals.  If you are new to florals, add just a touch, just a little bit and you will find it easy and fun to incorporate into your home decor.

Choose a Updated Style

Don’t just look for a more modern floral pattern, but also make sure what the floral print is on has a modern shape.  A floral sofa with a skirted bottom will feel more like what you might find in your grandmother’s home.  But if you snag a floral sofa with a clean bottom and modern wood legs, it will look updated and not old fashioned.

Go Fresh

If you are a bit weary of decorating with florals, take a step back and try picking up a bunch of flowers the next time you are at the grocery store.  Put them in a vase someplace you will see often and notice how they instantly bring life and interest to your space!  There is nothing better than fresh flowers in your home in my opinion!  Once you get used to having the shapes and colors of fresh flowers in your home consider adding one piece of non-fresh floral decor to your home!

Find a Print

Ready to actually add a floral pattern to your home?  An easy way to decorate with printables is to find a print you love with a floral pattern in it!  Sometimes you can find ones you love at the store, online or even from your favorite blog!  Print it, put it in a frame and enjoy it, even if you only keep it up for the spring or summer!  The best part is that you can often find prints like this inexpensively or even for free so there is very little commitment if you change your mind.  I have a FREE floral spring print available for free on my blog here.

Subtle Florals

If you are ready to add a bit more floral decor to your home, consider adding it with easy to replace and inexpensive items.  Add a few pillows with a floral pattern to your sofa or new floral kitchen towels in your kitchen.  Start small and inexpensive before you go more bold.  This floral pillow here is a perfect way to add a touch of a modern floral pattern to your home.

Statement Florals

Ready to make more of a commitment to florals and maybe even go a bit bold?  Consider adding a wall of floral wall paper, a floral sofa or even floral bedding to your home.  These items are a bit more expensive and don’t get replaced as frequently as kitchen towels but they can make a huge impact in your space and can be incredibly beautiful!  This couch here is so much fun!

And don’t forget to update your space with a fun cut and bound rug from Mohawk.  As you add florals to your home, think of coordinating colors to add to your space.  You could also add a rug with a fun floral pattern like this Mohawk Flooring Floral Delight carpet in Reflection.