Fall is here and now’s the perfect time to put away summer’s colorful, coastal decor and prepare your home and your mindset for the cooler refreshing temperatures that are coming. Our home is decorated in a fairly neutral color scheme making it easy to adapt the decor to each new season.

Our foyer gets some fall-inspired touches at this time of year. The summer version is below.


{summer foyer}

Here it is again with the fall updates.

fall hallway

{fall foyer}

I change out the contents of this decorative shell seasonally. In the fall it is filled with rustic elements like moss-covered balls, antlers and natural accents.



Closer to Thanksgiving, I’ll add one of my favorite fall touches, tiny white pumpkins.

And, a quick peak ahead– after that it will get a sparkly holiday update!


{winter version}

In our living area, a wicker tray gets filled with fall-inspired accessories and our couch pillows get swapped out for ones in grays and beige. Changing out your pillows {you can even just use different pillow covers} is such an easy way to change the whole feel of the room.

living room

Below you can see the lighter look this room has in the spring and summer.


{spring/summer couch}


I tweak our console table top decor to fall themes like this driftwood ball and a burlap-covered candle. Neutral colors layered with texture is a sure bet for a fall feel in your decor.

fall shelves

Our rustic open shelving in our kitchen gets a complete restyle for the Fall. New elements like large glass jars, creamware and some decorative wheat heralds the change of season.

Below is the summer version with nest-themed artwork and an antique blue mason jar.

summer shelves

{summer shelves}

sitting area fall

{fall seating area}

A quick swap of the top of the cabinet in our kitchen seating area. You may recall how it looked in the summer?


{summer seating area}

fall porch

{fall outside seating area}

We still use our back deck at this time of year, the fall weather can be glorious. However, by now I have retired the bright green pillows and swapped them out for more neutral colors and again, rustic elements. A simple change, but one that makes a big difference in how the space feels.


{summer outside seating area}

Last but not least, the outside of our house gets a seasonal update as well.

front door2

{fall front door}

Our front door gets a fall-inspired wreath, it replaces the simpler summer look.

front door after

{summer front door}

Are you ready for Fall? Do you decorate seasonally?

For more decorating ideas and seasonal inspiration, please visit us at 11Magnolialane.com.


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