One of the latest trends in interior design is going dark.  I mean really dark.  Black walls have become one of the must have looks in 2013.  Deep & dramatic, these spaces can take on a wide array of looks.  These looks all have an extremely sophisticated quality that comes from such a classic hue.  You can take this look as bold for a whole room or simply choose a focal wall to dress in this dark shade.

The brass shelves & camel leather bounce perfectly off the black wall while the addition of the blue & ivory area rug helps to keep the space from feeling too heavy.

via Pinterest

Light wood floors & bamboo shades juxtapose nicely with the dark walls in this light filled room.  My favorite addition to this space are the black window frames & mullions.  This touch just completes the look.

This is a fantastic example of how a black accent wall can help add drama to a space without making the room feel too dark.  The light linens & surrounding white walls give this space a relaxing & inviting vibe.

via Cathy Echols

All of the natural elements play nicely with this black room.  While some of the upholstery is black as well, the designer brought in different textures & fabrics to create more interest.  The real star of the space is the bold artwork.  It really stands out in this neutral space.

Black, White & Pink will forever be a classic in my opinion.  The lightness of this pink keeps the room from feeling too masculine.  A little pink will always add a feminine flair.

These glossy black shelves are a jaw dropper.  I would recreate this look in a minute.  Adding the decorative brass grates takes this look to the next level.

Black walls, much like white walls, provide an excellent background for special pieces.  They allow the furniture or artwork to take center stage.


I even went black in our own home using Chalkboard Paint.  A little less severe with the chalky finish, but dramatic all the same.  We love the emphasis it gave our tiny kitchen, & it definitely makes a statement.

Are you daring enough to go black?!?


xo- Kristin | The Hunted Interior