Oh my!  I am still bundling up to stay warm here in the Midwest!  I am grateful I don’t have feet of snow to dig out of at the moment, but the cold is making me want to bundle up, turn on my fire, drink a yummy salted caramel hot cocoa and not leave my house!  And since the holiday decor came down, my home is feeling barren and so is my front door.  So today I decided to brave the cold to pick up a few supplies and whip up a really cute and Cozy Sweater Wreath to warm my home and my front door!

Cozy Sweater Wreath - this is so simple to make but so fun and beautiful

Also, I am pretending it is spring if you can’t tell!  Yes it is cozy and warm, but I couldn’t resist using these beautiful spring colors to help bring a little warmth and hope of spring into my little neighborhood!

Cozy Sweater Wreath

To create this Cozy Sweater Wreath, you will need:

  • 3-6 sweaters depending on size, size of wreath and how full you want your wreath (I used 3)
  • 24″ FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Wreath Form
  • Straight Pins
  • Knife
  • Scissors, both fabric and regular
  • Colorful Paper
  • Baker’s Twine or string
  • Hot Glue Gun


I went into my local GoodWill and to my surprise it was a 50% off day!  Woot woot!  So I snagged three beautifully colored sweaters for about $6 and brought them home for this project!  I couldn’t resist the bright and beautiful colors!

Cut Wreath

I began by cutting the arms off of all my sweaters.  I also cut my wreath form in one place.

Put Sweater on Wreath

Then I slipped the sweater arms over the wreath form one at a time, alternating colors.

After the sweater arms were in place, I used a little hot glue and lots of pins to pin the wreath form back together.

Pin Sweater on Wreath

Then I spread out the sweater on the form until it looked nice and balanced.  I used a few pins to pin the sweater into place occasionally.

Then I cut out small triangles out of pretty card stock and hot glued them onto my baker’s twine to make a cute little banner.  I attached the banner to the back of my wreath with straight pins and my wreath was complete!

Simple and Pretty Cozy Sweater Wreath

I love how my wreath turned out!  And it really wasn’t very expensive either!  If you are looking for other warm and cozy wreath ideas, check out my No-Sew Yarn Wreath or this Simple Felt Wreath.