“So much depends upon a red wheel barrow,” said William Carlos Williams, whose poem brought to life the beauty of the color, wheelbarrow red. When it comes to Fall decorating, many shy away from introducing bold autumnal colors into their homes.

But, we’re here to tell you that a pop of wheelbarrow red can add a festive fall feel to your already stylish home.

Here are just some of our favorite autumnal red picks for Fall:

This bookcase is a real beauty, from the gorgeous lacquered finish to the festive red paper covers for the books that feature tree and floral inspired prints.


Update your dining room with these red chairs, it’s a simple and cost effective way to spruce up the room!


Red accents, such as decorative throw pillows, picture frames, mirrors, lamps and even drapes are perfect for fall decorating. It’s also really easy to rotate these objects throughout the home, which is great for mixing and matching!

We love this red chandelier, these red bamboo mirrors, and these picture frames.



Instead of using paint or wallpaper, bring some bold color to a room with a red carpet! This Surreal Style SmartStrand carpet in Red Velvet is a fantastic hue!


Finally, don’t shy away from red fabrics to liven up your couch or bed! We love these decorative red cushion pillows in chevron and Greek key design. They’re sophisticated and stylish!


Do you have a favorite fall color? What decorative item would you add to your home in that color? Let us know in the comments section!