Mohawk Floors Me
Real people. Real situations. Real life. Mohawk Floors Me is an ongoing collection of the experiences of popular bloggers who have chosen Mohawk products for their homes. Whether their new flooring journey begins as a result of an unfortunate home disaster or a much needed and long overdue makeover, you will find entertaining and humorous accounts of how these bloggers navigated the process of choosing the perfect new floors for their homes.


Ashley Phipps, Simply Designing

Ashley and her husband have been slowly working on their home to update and upgrade it since they moved in. They have spent a significant amount of time on their floors - refinishing hardwood stairs, adding wood laminate and new tile. Now, she is turning her focus on to the family room, piano room and bedrooms. Follow Ashley as she begins the process of shopping for her perfect carpet.


We have been so blessed to be able to work with Mohawk these last few months to complete a project in our home that we have wanted to re-do for a while: new carpet!  Over the last couple of months we have picked out new carpet and I shared my 11 Tips for Choosing New Carpet with you.  I also shared what we did to Prepare for New Carpet and then I ... Read More


Today is finally the day!!  Woot woot!  Today is the day that we are finally installing new SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet throughout our home!  Wahoo!  (Happy dance!)  We are beyond excited that we have had the opportunity to work with Mohawk to make this happen!  And I am thrilled to share our progress with you on this big project! And when I say that “we” are installing new carpet, let me be ... Read More


I recently revealed our next big project HERE!  We are getting new carpet!  Woot woot!  It is so incredibly exciting and I am really very grateful to Mohawk for making this entire process possible!  As I previously shared, the first thing we did was choose new carpet and padding.  I shared my top 11 Tips for Choosing New Carpet HERE, be sure to check that out and PIN IT if ... Read More

11 Tips for Choosing New Carpet

About a week ago I shared our latest home project: we are getting new carpet! Woot woot! We are thrilled to be replacing our old, worn, not-so-plush plush carpet with beautiful new Mohawk carpet! You can see more details about our project here. I promised to walk you through the entire process in order to help you, if you decide to install new carpet one day! So today, I am ... Read More


As you know, we have been slowly working on our home to update and upgrade it and today I am excited to finally reveal our next big project!  One area we have spent significant time and effort on are our floors.  When we moved into our home, our floors were builder-grade plush carpet and linoleum.  They were fine, but not ideal.  After a year of living in our home, our ... Read More


Jessica Kielman, Laminate Saves the Day

Jessica is a mom on a mission is to share all of her fun ways to decorate your home without breaking the bank, and how to live life to the fullest. She likes to share home decor, DIY, craft, organization, and cleaning ideas along with a recipe here and there - always keeping it real and simple.

Before and After: Mohawk Flooring with ArmorMax Finish

You will not believe the difference in our floors. In this post, I want to share the before and after photos of our new Mohawk Laminate Floors with ArmorMax Finish! I am so excited to share the final before and after photos of our new Mohawk Laminate Floors with ArmorMax Finish! We are so greatful to have teamed up with Mohawk on this project, and are so happy that we can ... Read More

An Update on our New Floors

Well, friends…our new Mohawk Laminate Flooring is in the house! We’ve moved all (well, not all) of our furniture and home decor back in, and we could not be more pleased! I talked about why we Wanted New Flooring, Why We Chose Laminate Flooring,  Talked About The Installation Process and today I want to talk about why we love our new floors so much, and what a difference they are making for our family…along with ... Read More

A Sneak Peek of our New Floors and How the Installation Process Works

As you know, we are having new Mohawk Laminate Flooring installed. Today, I want to talk to you about the installation process. First, I want to say that I am soooo happy that we did not chose to DIY our floors. I never could have imagined how much work goes into removing and installing flooring. As I discussed in my first post, we were living with 5 different types of flooring on the first floor ... Read More


Recently I told you that we were replacing the floors in our home with the help of Mohawk. I shared the floors that are currently in our home and showed the 5 different types of flooring we have been living with. I also revealed that we were choosing to have laminate flooring installed. Today I want to talk about why we are choosing Mohawk Laminate, and take a look at some of the options we are considering. We ... Read More

Big Changes Are Coming and It’s All About the Floor!

Big Changes Are Coming And It's All About The Floors I absolutely love our home. It’s bright and fresh. It’s small and cozy. It screams comfort. But there is one thing that bugs me about our home…our floors. At first look, you don’t notice it, and maybe if you walked all the way through our home, it wouldn’t bug you. To me, it’s too much. A crazy mix of 5 different ... Read More


Heidi Rew, Parties for Pennies

The dinner party must go on! When an unplanned disaster strikes Heidi’s 1960’s dream home in the form of a cracked water pipe, she and her husband are faced with one challenge after the next. Follow Heidi’s story as she fights mold infestation, tackles uprooted kitchen cabinets and selects new flooring for two rooms in her house – all while successfully planning and hosting a dinner party!

Laminate Before and After – Installing New Floors

Hey party people! We ended up with an unfortunate house event last month so we are in the midst of replacing our upstairs and downstairs flooring with Mohawk Flooring. You can read about the craziness here and what type of Mohawk flooring we ended up choosing here. This week, we had the awesome team from Builders Floor Covering come in to install the flooring. This was how our kitchen and man cave looked ... Read More

Laminate Before and After – Honey, We Have a Problem

Hey party people! Those were the words I heard from my husband a few weeks ago. Coming from my laid-back, easy-going husband, those are NOT words I like to hear. Mike was downstairs in the man-cave/music room/workout area/self-taping (for on-camera auditions) room and asked if I spilled anything on the carpet. Nope. He then realized the wetness he was feeling covered about a quarter of the room. Our carpet was soaked. Bad. We started ... Read More


Mique Provost, Thirty Handmade Days

Replacing the maroon carpet with the white floral pattern was a top priority for Mique when her family moved in to their California dream home. At the time, the upstairs carpet was a pristine shade of off-white. Over a period of seven years, three kids and a dog later, the carpet is covered in stains and must be replaced. She wants to keep a lighter colored carpet but stain resistance is a must! Follow Mique’s story as she goes on a quest for her family’s perfect carpet.

SmartStrand Before & After – How Carpet Can Change Your Whole Room

This post is sponsored by Mohawk Flooring. All opinions are 1 million% my own and I’m happy to be working with a company that I believe in. A couple weeks ago I shared 5 tips to save your sanity when buying new carpet because the process can be so intimidating.  Getting new carpet isn’t like going to pick out a new lipstick. It’s a big investment and something that hopefully won’t change for ... Read More

SmartStrand Before & After – 5 Tips to Save Your Sanity When Buying New Carpet

This post is sponsored by Mohawk Flooring. All opinions are 1 million% my own and I’m happy to be working with a company that I believe in. We looked around for over two years before finding our dream home. And by “we” I mean me.  But we finally found it.  Everything was perfect.  Except for the maroon carpet with a white floral pattern in the family room.  Ugh.  We knew we ... Read More


Jen, Balancing Beauty & Bedlam

Jen once described her home as “a haven with mismatched furniture, tacky floors and not so Pinterest-perfect organization.” After seventeen years in their home, she and her husband look back with precious memories of their five children, three dogs, and two cats. Follow her as she shares her unique experience as she renovates her home for the first time ever and installs beautiful Mohawk Flooring laminate throughout the main floor.

Laminate Before & After: A Peek Around Our Place, New Flooring and Home Goals

Giggles echoed from the edge of the family room. The girls circled up, creating wonders with their Magic Looms, while the guys munched on chips and salsa at the kitchen table. Throughout our home, conversations erupted; the stories shared and memories made created our signature. As I stood back and watched, my heart swelled. This marks the blessing of home, a place where people feel welcome, a place that assures all who ... Read More

Laminate Before & After: Our Before & After Family Room Floors

Enjoy the inspiration from the Mohawk flooring gallery Over the past two months, it’s been so fun to be able to give you a peek into how our downstairs has slowly been transformed by the addition of our beautiful Mohawk laminate flooring with a hand-scraped look. I can’t begin to tell you how fresh and clean the entire home feels, and while the photos show the dramatic difference, seeing it in real ... Read More

Laminate Before & After: Spontaneous Kitchen Demo + New Floors

Our home is a place where everyone is welcome. On a daily basis, we celebrate both the beauty and bedlam of everyday life, and a large majority of that celebration centers around great food. The old cliché states that “the Kitchen is the Heart of the Home,” and it’s certainly true with our family. In my house, the place we end up congregating the most is in our kitchen. So, when parties happen, ... Read More

Laminate Before & After: The Before and the Almost After Dining Room Redo

Jan28 Bookshelves lined the walls. Waiting piles of our kids’ “treasures” stacked in corners reminded me to sort and pick a few favorites. Boxes of pens, pencils, papers and nick knacks cluttered each surface. Marker masterpieces of days gone by whispered stories, stories of those naughty days when walls were much more enticing than paper or coloring books. And then that carpet, oh my, the carpet. Laid when the glorious days of Ally McBeal, ... Read More

Laminate Before & After: Tips for Picking Out New Flooring

Am I the only one who gets paralyzed when making home decor decisions? It’s the oddest experience because when it comes to parental decisions, business decisions or a host of other things, I am clear, concise and the person that others come to if they need help in zeroing in on the pros and cons of something. But watch me walk into the paint store to pick a color and I just ... Read More

Laminate Before & After: Indoor Home Goals: Check One (Finally!)

I close my eyes and our home is filled. Filled with the sounds of laughter, music, hooting, hollering, football commentary and a host of other noises. It’s filled with the smells of chili simmering on the stove, a wintergreen candle to offset the “black sheet of the family” choice, popcorn popping and yes, boys’ feet. Real life brimming; overflowing everywhere. I open my eyes and look around. It’s a home that says “Welcome, take off ... Read More


Melissa, The Inspired Room

While Melissa’s remodeling project started on a whim, a lot of thought went into her project before the whim actually struck and she knocked down her kitchen cabinets. With no option of turning back, Melissa tackles the challenge of choosing new easy-to-maintain flooring throughout the main rooms of her house. Follow Melissa’s journey from beginning to end to see how her new flooring transformed her entire home!

New Family Room Flooring – The Reveal

Welcome, friends! I’m so excited to finally be able show you the progress in our lower level family room, featuring our beautiful new Mohawk flooring! If you missed the before post about this room yesterday, you can catch up here. We are so pleased with our floors and how this room is coming together. The new flooring was installed the week before Christmas! Our house was in chaos that week with all the projects we had going ... Read More

Family Room: New Flooring Installation

Find the reveal post here! One of the things we really liked when we looked at our house for the first time was that it had a bright and light-filled finished basement. Usually the houses in our price range in Seattle were super small, dark, cramped or had too low of ceilings to feel like actual rooms. While this is a modest house, a light-filled lower level was a big plus in making the house feel more spacious and functional overall. When ... Read More

How To Clean Hardwood Floors {My Favorite Tools & Tips}

  Flooring – Sponsored by Mohawk I‘ve heard many people say they love the look of hardwoods, but don’t want the maintenance. Maybe I’m weird, but I actually find hardwood floors quite easy to maintain. Or maybe I just enjoy cleaning them for some reason, I don’t know. Today I thought I’d share some of my floor cleaning tips and the tool I like to use to keep our hardwoods clean and pretty. Our ... Read More

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

Sponsored by Mohawk. After new hardwood floors {you can find my exact floors at Mohawk: Natural Hickory Hardwood Flooring} Last week when the painters removed the paper from the floors after painting my kitchen cabinets and family room trim, walls and ceilings they both exclaimed, “WOW, the floors really make this room!” It wasn’t that the cabinets or walls didn’t look lovely on their own, they do (you’ll get to see more of ... Read More

Hardwood Floor Ideas & Inspiration

Hardwood floor inspiration via Design Sponge {Exquisite Surfaces} This post is sponsored by Mohawk Flooring. Are you dreaming of new flooring? The type of flooring in a house plays such an important role in the overall design and feel of the home. It even impacts many of the decisions we make in decorating and plans for future renovations. Usually we have to live with what flooring is already in our homes (oh, snap!) at ... Read More

Hardwood Floor Installation Update

  Sponsored by Mohawk Flooring Happy Thanksgiving Weekend everyone! Hope you are all enjoying shopping and decorating and lots of turkey sandwiches?! I am doing all of the above. When I last updated you on my hardwood floors, they had delivered the new wood (it had to acclimate to our home for a few days before install), and were ripping out carpet and old damaged wood to prepare for the new floors. ... Read More

Preparing for the New Wood Floors

  sponsored by Mohawk Flooring As I am writing this, I’m huddled in a small corner of my living/gathering room, trying to get my work done surrounded by boxes, tools and the the sound of construction. That is a good problem to have though, so I’m not complaining. Although poor Jack doesn’t know quite where to go — he feels a bit out of sorts! All of our furniture is being displaced again ... Read More

The Family Kitchen Makeover Continues

This post is sponsored by Mohawk Flooring. If you are new around here, last June we started a kitchen remodel. We aren’t done yet, but we’ve made some good progress. While the project started on kind of a whim, a lot of thought actually went into this project before the whim struck and we knocked down our cabinets. Ha! We’ve lived in our house close to four years now, so we’ve ... Read More


Sandy, The Reluctant Entertainer

Sandy has learned the importance of carpet research the hard way! Her 1970’s “fixer upper” home required new carpet, a new roof, major landscaping when they moved in in 2005. Her carpet selection at the time was not the best choice for her three kids and three pets. Follow her journey as she thoroughly combs through all of the available carpet selections for a sturdy, reliable carpet that will continue stand up to her family over the years.

Chocolate and Caramel Hues with Mohawk Flooring REVEAL & Giveaway

  We are so happy with our new Mohawk SmartStrand carpet in our home. Just in time for the holidays, we’ve now had all of the carpet installed with top-notch service from Fashion Floors in Medford. Today’s the BIG REVEAL! BEFORE & AFTER Here’s the history, how we got involved with the Mohawk Floors Me program. And today I’ll be walking you through the rooms in our home. With our chocolate and caramel hues throughout ... Read More

Mohawk Carpet Install and SmartCushion Padding for The Cure

This past weekend the guys from Fashion Floors, here in Medford, Oregon, started the big Mohawk carpet install in our home. You can read my carpet journey and the progress up to this point, here. First of all, we feel very blessed that the Mohawk Flooring company chose our family (as a lifestyle blogger) for their Mohawk Floors Me program. I’m writing 6 posts about our the process of choosing new ... Read More

Preparing for Our New Mohawk Carpet Install

  Taniya Nayak, from HGTV’s Designed to Sell show, one of the nation’s foremost interior designers, really helped us out with styles and colors for the new Mohawk SmartStrand carpeting for our home! At the end of our lengthy phone conversation, using iPhone pictures and walking around the house with my note pad, Taniya left me with a fun challenge. Taniya: Sandy, since you’ve been so safe with the colors you’ve chosen for ... Read More

How to Choose the Right Style & Color of Carpet

There’s an excitement in our home, because approximately this time next week, we’ll be installing our new Mohawk SmartStrand carpet throughout the house! I can already feel the coziness during the upcoming holiday months (as we’ve been trying out different samples throughout the house). There are so many things to consider when choosing carpet for your home – so many different styles, looks, patterns, colors. Did we want a lower pile, a ... Read More

Becoming Educated with Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet

  I walked in to their store and felt right at home. Beautiful carpet under my feet, friendly staff at the counter, and an overall excitement for what was to come. You may recall my post, here, announcing my new partnership with Mohawk Flooring, as I’m blogging through my journey of getting new carpet in our home. First of all, home to me is comfort. I’ve never been to a perfect home, have ... Read More

A Change in My Home with Mohawk Carpet

A few weeks ago I was contacted by some classy ladies from Mohawk Carpet. They asked me if I’d partner with their company in a new program called ‘Mohawk Floors Me’ with new carpet for our home. Today I’m announcing my partnership with Mohawk, and that I’ll be blogging my way through the process of new carpet installation over the next month, because it is just THAT. A process. Upgrading or buying anything ... Read More


Jessica Camerata, My Style Vita

Jessica is a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Atlanta, GA. Jessica shares inspiration to create add style to your life everywhere from outfits, beauty favorites, easy and fun recipes and decorating ideas. In addition to her blog, Jessica is also the co-founder of the first blog community of its kind, The Blog Societies.

Brand New: A Look at the new Mohawk Floors

You got a good sneak peek of the new floors in my house while I did my kitchen and gallery wall reveal. I thought I’d share a big full reveal though in it’s own post and show you the rest of the home. I think it’s pretty clear the before and after is pretty drastic, don’t you think? You can see the before of the dining and kitchen here. To say that I’m pleased, is an understatement. I ... Read More

The Floor Install

Guys. I’m writing this post as my due diligence to the world. I was not prepared for what life would be like while installing hardwood floors and didn’t find anything online about what to expect, so thank me later, k? Sure I’ve done some construction in my home between the bathroom and the kitchen (I PROMISE this is being revealed SOON. As in we are shooting it today!) and knew ... Read More

Mohawk Floors Me: Jessica’s Deciding On New Floors

    I really never thought the day would actually come that I would be so lucky to finally rip out these old yellow floors in my home and replace them with something I actually liked (more like LOVE now that they’re down!). Luckily, last fall, there was a bit of a leak in my building which always means water damage for just about everyone 5-10 floors below the problem. Thankfully, ... Read More