Eating In
Welcome to our home! That’s how we at Mohawk Flooring think of this little blog. This is where we come to let down our hair—laugh, relax, and be inspired. The world we live in is filled with so much beauty, and it deserves celebrating!

My little black salad: Watermelon and jicama salad: arugula, cotija, and balsamic reduction

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got a few things in your closet that you just know make you look like...

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A birthday treat best: Cappuccino ice cream with dark chocolate + sea salt

Sort of along the lines of “What do you get a girl that has everything?” is the perhaps not-asked-as-oft question: “What do...

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A weekend project, sweet + simple: Decadent and creamy homemade ricotta cheese

I realize that by prodding you to spend your precious weekend hours tinkering around in your kitchen to make something...

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