Hey party people!

Has this ever happened to you?

You run around frantically trying to get all the kids out the door & on their way to school one morning…

But…your daughter can’t find her other shoe. Your son accidentally spills chocolate milk on his white shirt. You haven’t been able to even take a sip of coffee and then your dog decides to get sick inside the house. Whew.

You finally get the kids out the door & on their way. You go to grab the creamer out of the refrigerator so you can finally enjoy that, now cold, cup of coffee. Then, suddenly, you see it. The kid’s lunches.

Has that ever happened to you?

TIP #1: Divide up the lunch items in baskets in your cabinets, like Trish & Bonnie of Uncommon Designs did. (Please pin image from original source)

This makes the process easier and much faster.

If you forgot to pack a lunch the night before, using this organization system makes it easy to pack a lunch faster than the kids can walk from their bedroom to the front door.

Check out Uncommon Designs for more great organization ideas, as well as great crafts & DIY projects.

TIP # 2: Sometimes the hardest part is actually getting all the school items together & out the door. Create one central spot near the door and make sure all the backpacks, school work, and lunches are ready to go.


 Hanging bags at the school central station creates a space not only for school work but also for lunch bags.

Tip #3: In case a lunch is forgotten, have a little emergency lunch money stored in your child’s backpack.


The bottomline is…if you’re a mom, you are bound to forget something (or someone ;p) at some point. Give yourself some grace, then schedule a nice long bubble bath that night!

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