There is an age-old question that has baffled many…

Where did the other sock go?

Blame sets in. The search can turn brother against brother, sister against sister.

The elusive sock thief strikes again.

And it’s always the favorite socks. Never the wholly ones.

Many have gone looking. Few have found.

Can you relate? Chances are (especially if you have a big family) single socks go missing all the time, never to be seen again. I still keep the lonely socks in my drawer, though, hoping that one day I’ll find the renegades. More often that not, those lonely socks end up as dust rags.

One day though, I found an intriguing idea on Kickstarter.


The solution to all future missing socks! The concept is: Once you’re ready to throw your socks in the hamper abyss, simply attach the two socks together by inserting a button from one sock into the button hole of another sock.

Throughout the laundry cycle, your socks are joined at the button so you never have to worry about one leaving the other.

File this invention under: “Why Didn’t I Think of That?”

Do you have your own solutions for trying to keep your socks together? If you have kids, what is your trick for keeping all the laundry straight?

Speaking of laundry…I think I just heard the washing machine ding. #ThePileThatNeverEnds

Have a great day!

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