Hey party people!

Every month here on Creative Home, I post a “Can You Relate?” post. I give you a statement or picture, and you tell me if you can relate.


This is such an unfortunate issue in my life. See, I adore flowers.

In my dreamworld, I’d be able to go out to my garden every day and bring in fresh cut flowers for every room in my house. My problem?

I have a black thumb! Do you want to know how serious it is?

I have killed 2 out of 3 succulents! Succulents. Those are supposed to be un-killable!

 Proof of my last living succulent. 

If that’s not enough, I was walking our dog & I saw our neighbor outside working on her yard. I said my hello’s & tried to empathize with her hard work by saying, “Yard work can seem never ending, huh?” She then replies, “No offense, but when I look at your yard, I feel a little better about mine.” Ouch!

It’s honestly a true statement. In fairness to us though, we inherited our yard. It’s an older house that had been a rental for several years. We’ve only had it for a little over 2 years and have been focused on the inside. However, my feeble attempts to spruce it up have still been challenging.

I have decided to take the first step by finding out the easiest things to grow. It’s like a beginners course for us “black thumbs.”

*List adapted from iVillage (click on link to find more information)

*Source List for Pictures: Daylily, Black-eyed Susan, Hosta, Blanket Flower, Strawberries, Yarrow ‘Paprika’, Rose ‘Felicia’, Stonecrop ‘Vera Jameson,Tomato, and Lamb’s Ears ‘Silver Carpet’.

I’m hoping that if I try all 10 of these, maybe I can keep a few of them alive.

Do you have a black thumb? Do you feel like your neighbors judge you for your yard?

If you’re a fellow “black thumb,” you’ll get a laugh from this site called ikillplants.com. People submit their plant obituaries. I’d submit mine… but I’m scared they’ll label me a serial plant killer!

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