I know it is technically fall.  But where I live, it is still 90 degrees outside plus added humidity, so it doesn’t quite feel like fall yet.  And I am actually having a little bit of trouble this year getting into the “spirit” of fall since I can’t wear my jeans, boots or scarves yet.  Plus it is definitely too hot for hot cocoa (or whatever your warm drink of choice is).  So in an attempt to forget that it is still so hot outside, I have decided to bring a little bit of fall indoors!  And fall is the perfect time to utilize beautiful natural elements in your home!  Natural elements this time of year are beautifully colored, abundantly available and fun to find!  So take a nature walk with your family and start collecting items that would be fun to bring indoors!

Bring Natural Elements into your Home for Fall Decorating

The best place to find natural elements to bring into your home for fall decorating is literally your backyard!  Ok, if you don’t have a backyard, or you live in a new development with new trees and landscaping, you might need to head into the woods, on a trail or to your local park!  Either way, I can almost guarantee that you can find a bit of nature close to home.  Bring the family with you and a few bags and you will not only have lots of fun (my kids LOVE nature walks) but you will also enjoy spending the time together as a family.  And you will come home with a stash of beautiful, natural, and FREE home decor!

Here are a few items to look for when you are on your nature walk:



Acorns are beautiful!  I love the unique shape and texture of acorns and they are always abundant during the fall season!  Once the acorns are collected and inside, you will want to gently wash them to get any dirt off of them.  Throw away any acorns that look like they are in bad shape.  Then, in order to avoid bringing bugs into your house, be sure you bake your acorns at 175 degrees fahrenheit for about 2 hours.  You can display acorns in a vase or a jar.  Or even get creative and paint acorns like I did HERE for a more fun and modern look.


Twigs or branches that have already fallen off a tree can add beautiful and unique shapes, dimension and texture into your home.  Display them in a vase or turn them into a Thankful Tree and enjoy them for months to come!


I simply love the shape and texture that pinecones can add to decor as well!  Pinecones look great in a large vase or a bowl and are perfect to use all fall and winter long!  Display them au natural for the fall, but when Christmas season hits, you can easily spray paint them with silver (or gold paint) and turn them into these beautiful, holiday-inspired Silver Pinecones.  (I do suggest preparing pinecones in the same manner that you would prepare acorns to avoid bringing bugs into your home.  See in acorn section above for more information.)

Natural Foliage

I love how natural foliage turns beautiful colors in the fall.  Greenery by itself is beautiful, and if you can find some naturally growing that is turning a beautiful red or golden brown, it can turn into beautiful home decor.  I especially love how golden wheat looks this time of year.  Just be sure you are actually allowed to take the foliage before you do and that you aren’t taking away from a farmer’s harvest.  You can also collect beautifully colors fallen leaves from the ground and place them in a vase or glass jar to add a pop of color into your home.  Or you can let your kids create a fun wreath with colorful leaves like this one HERE.

Certain Flowers

There are certain flowers that are simply beautiful indoors this time of year.  Pussy willows and lavender that will both dry beautifully once cut and you can enjoy them in your home for months to come!  You can use the flowers to create a fall centerpiece like this one HERE.

There are so many other ways that you can incorporate nature into your home this fall, but these are a few simple and FREE ideas that I personally love and plan to do this year!

Cut and Bound Rugs


You could also bring all of these elements into your home with a Mohawk SmartStrand Forever Clean custom bound rug with All Pet Protection and Warranty. I love these rich, neutral shades featuring Bellevue Terrace in Acorn Cap, Timeless Artistry  in Pinecone, Creative Color in Dry Twig, and Superior Style in Lavender. Which one if your favorite color?