It’s that time of year…back to school!  And if you’re sending a kid off to college (or if you’re the young adult who is leaving the nest), then that’s a particularly exciting time. I remember carefully gathering all the items I needed to furnish my new “nest”, and it was so much fun!

While it can seem like a daunting task to remember everything, today we have Pinterest, and it’s as simple as typing “dorm checklist” into the searchbar to pull up dozens of printable lists of all the things you need–and lots of things you didn’t know you needed!  And {here’s} a great list from Simply LKJ to get you started; she’s sent two kids off to the dorms and knows what she’s doing!

I pulled together two different looks for a girl’s dorm room decor; I have a husband and a teenage son so clearly I think boys are awesome, but… when my son heads off to college, he’ll probably be perfectly content with everything done in school or team colors (and he probably won’t even notice that!  Sigh.).

This first look is elegant but still fun {affiliate links included for your convenience}:

Dorm room decor inspiration | 11 Magnolia Lane

Eames Chair  |  Pouf   |   Rug   |   Bedding   |   Lamp   |   Ghost Chair


I think a rug is a must in a dorm room; those institutional floors are cold, hard, and ugly.  Start with the rug as the building block of the entire room and the decor will fall into place around it–just like we do in our homes.  Any of Mohawk Flooring’s carpets can be cut and bound, making them a perfect choice for dorm decor.  And while a desk chair and light may or may not be provided in a dormitory, extra seating and lighting are always welcome as long as there’s room.

And here’s a slightly different look; this one is a bit more preppy (perfect for us Southern girls) since it features Lilly Pulitzer bedding.  I am–ahem–in my 40’s and I would still love to have this on my bed!

Dorm room decor inspiration | 11 Magnolia Lane

Desk Chair   |   Floor Pillow   |  Rug   |   Bedding   |  {Plug-In} Chandelier


The chandelier plugs into the wall; I can’t think of many (any?) dads who would want to change a light fixture in a dorm room.  But it would be super-cute swagged over a desk or a bed!

No, you can’t paint, and yes, you’re stuck with the furniture, but with a few key items like the ones I’ve shown you above, your dorm room will be the perfect home away from home.

Thanks for stopping by, and have fun going back to school!

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