Do you know what makes a #MohawkMudder? It’s someone who has overcome obstacles before tackling the toughest challenge on the planet. A woman who faced her fears of the water by holding her breath and plunging into Tough Mudder’s Underwater Tunnels obstacle. The thyroid cancer survivor, who struggled to get back his health, challenged himself to complete the Tough Mudder® in Tennessee. And the Germantown Firefighter who lost sixty pounds to compete in her first Tough Mudder® and prove to her fellow Firefighters that she could do it!

These videos feature some of the toughest people on the planet. Where, like our Smartstrand Forever Clean carpet, being tough and durable is woven into the very fabric of their being:



This Germantown Firefighter lost sixty pounds to compete in her first Tough Mudder® challenge.


This #MohawkMudder already won a weight loss challenge, and now he’s competing in his very first Tough Mudder® challenge.


It takes a lot of stamina to make it through a Tough Mudder®. We applaud this #MohawkMudder for beating thyroid cancer and challenging himself to get into better shape by competing in a Tough Mudder®.


Nothing is braver than someone facing his or her fears. This #MohawkMudder faced her fear of drowning by passing through every single water based Tough Mudder® obstacle at Tough Mudder®, Tennessee.

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