Hey party people!

I don’t know what it is, but 2014 (plus the end of 2013) is the year of the coaster for me (see an example here & here).  Maybe it’s because, when you entertain, you always need coasters? Maybe it’s because I stick to a neutral palette in my home but love to bring in fun accessories? Maybe it’s just my strange mind?

All I know is that I can’t get enough of coasters.

Last year, I made this agate stone art with pieces I got during our vacation. It makes me smile every time I pass it in our hallway. My love of that art, combined with my coaster obsession, made me covet these beauties…

These are agate stone gold-rimmed coasters from William Sonoma that will set you back $140 for a set of 4.  Breath-takingly beautiful, but my blog is called “Parties for Pennies,” so if I can figure out a way to save a little change, I do.

Thanks to a generous friend and a couple of materials I already had at home, I created my own version.

The best part? It cost me $0. My friend gave me the stones, and I already had the rest of the materials. If you need to purchase all the materials, it could be around $30 for 4 coasters (that’s a high estimate).

Speaking of, here’s what you’ll need:

1| Felt – you can find this at any craft store for about $1.

2| Gold Paint Pen

3| E6000 – This is a heavy duty adhesive. If you don’t already have this, but you do have a hot glue gun, use that instead. The E6000 is stronger but the glue gun works well too.

4| Agate Stones – Last year, I got the ones I used for my framed art at a gem store during our ski vacation. They were only $3 each! If you don’t have  a gem store near you, call up a local antique store. Kudzu antiques, in Atlanta, has a whole booth with these agate stones.

To create the beautiful gold edges, use a paint pen to cover. The biggest hurdle is that it’s a little porous. I had to take a little more time in some spots, but overall it took me about 10 minutes for all of my coasters.

Now cut a square out of your felt that is a little smaller than your stone. You could trace the entire outline of the stone. The square is just a faster option.

The reason I wanted to attach felt to the bottom is because we have a glass coffee table. I just wanted there to be some type of protection.

Add a little bit of E6000 or use a glue gun to attach the felt pad to the bottom.

Set these out the next time you entertain or give them as gifts.


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