Every year Pantone announces the color of the year, this year they did something unprecedented.  They announced 2 colors instead of only one!  Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz.  With much conflict surrounding the choice of these two colors all over the internet, it is clean that these colors are in fact here to stay.  A few months ago I shared some ideas to decorate with Serenity Blue here, and so today I am excited to share a few ideas for adding touches of rose quartz to your home.

Many of you may be skeptical about adding Rose Quartz to your home.  In fact, I was at first too.  But the key to incorporating trendy colors into your home is not to completely make-over your home, but to add a few small touches that are easy to change out when you get sick of them.  Small and inexpensive touches.

So here are a few ideas to add small and simple touches to your home in rose quartz.



Adding pillows is a really fun, quick and inexpensive way to add a touch of color into your home.  Pillows are easily accessible and they are even something you can quickly make yourself if you find fabric you love!  This Rose Quartz and Serenity Pillow combines both of Pantone’s colors of the year into one great pillow with incredible geometric and gold designs.



Flowers are the perfect way to add a touch of color to your home and whether you prefer real or faux, pink flowers are easy to come by!  But these fake California Flesh Pink Hydrangeas are beautiful and would add a nice touch to your home this year.


If you want to incorporate Rose Quartz into practical home items, these beautiful Fleur-De-Lys Juice Glasses in pink are an absolutely stunning addition to your glassware.



Artwork is a stunning way to make a bold impression in your home.  And it doesn’t have to be expensive.  I love looking on Etsy for beautiful, original and not-too-expensive artwork for your home.  This beautiful Peony Art Print is a great way to add a bold touch of pink to your home.



Adding seating to your home can be a daring way to incorporate a trendy color into your home.  To tone down the impact, consider finding a chair with subtle pattern or translucent material so that the impact is bold but not over-done.  This Kartell LouLou Ghost Chair is a great option.



New flooring can feel like a daring move to incorporate a trendy color into your home. Instead, consider adding a cut and bound rug instead.  There are so many color options when it comes to choosing a carpet to have cut and bound into a rug, but if you are looking to add a touch of rose quartz to your home, I especially love Mohawk Flooring’s  Heavenly Sensation carpet in Pink Murex.