Summer is here and it is time to update your home to feel a bit more ready for the summer!  I never like to make big changes for the seasons but I love to make small and simple tweaks that add just a touch of fun summer color to my home to give it a bright and summery feeling without going overboard and without breaking the bank!  So today I am going to share some fun and creative ways to add summer color to your home in a non-permanent, not-too-expensive way!

Adding Summer Color to your Home

removeable wallpaper


Brighten Up Your Walls

Brighten Up Your Walls with temporary wallpaper.  It’s true.  Wallpaper is back and is better then ever!  Especially when so many companies now offer modern styles that are beautiful and certainly not your mother’s wallpaper!  And the best part is these new modern wallpapers can often be found in a removable options so that you can easily take it off then you are done!  (Please note that I haven’t tried it myself yet, but I have my eye on a couple of pretty styles I can’t wait to try!)  (I love this Devine Color Scroll Peel and Stick Wallpaper.)

Cover Books with Paper-00829

Add a Pop of Color with Books

Instead of buying new home decor items just for the summer in summer colors, take a piece of pretty summer-colored paper or wrapping paper and wrap up some existing books instead!  Remember, back in the day, when we had to cover our books for school and we raided under the sink for grocery store paper bags?  It is the same idea, only updated a bit with pretty paper to match your mood and style!  Hint: you don’t need fancy, old or pretty books to cover!  You can wrap your latest YA book, a historical novel or even an old math book! Whatever you have on hand will work perfectly for this project!


Bring in the Garden

Bring your garden inside.  Whether you like to grow herbs in a container or love fresh cut blooms, bring a piece of your garden inside for a simple and inexpensive way to add a pop of green or color into your home!  Bonus points for growing your own herbs and using them in every day recipes!



Change Your Sheets

Don’t worry about changing out expensive of bulky bedding, comforters or quilts with the seasons (unless that’s your thing of course).  Instead, pick up a new fun colored set of sheets for your bed!  Whether you choose to leave a little bit of the sheet peaking out when you make your bed or you hide them under your quilt so the new sheets is your hidden secret, it will be more fun hitting the sack with summer inspired sheets this summer.  (I think these Dana Sheets are particularly fun!)



Add a Rug

Go bold and add a brightly colored cut and bound rug from Mohawk.  The best thing about cut and bound rugs is that it is not a permanent change like carpet is!  So go bright, go bold, go beautiful and add a bright, summer color rug to your home with Mohawk’s SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet with All Pet Protection and Warranty in Chic Appearance in Pineapple.