With warmer temperatures (hopefully!) right around the corner this is the perfect time to start adding warmer, spring-like colors to your indoor decor. Wintery grays, silvers, whites are perfect tones during the colder, nesting months but the coming of summer sunshine calls for a brighter palette. There is no need to overhaul your entire decor scheme, you can simply build upon what you have using this year’s hot spring tones of navy blue, blush pink and green for a fresh look.


Trend forecasters are calling bright, navy/cobalt blue the HOT color for this spring and summer. While it may not be a traditional spring pastel, bright blues bring to mind the mediterranean, the ocean and thoughts of blue skies. It is the perfect color to add into your decor as it mixes well with many other colors and works in the way black does, being a great all-around basic. A few throw pillows, a striped throw or a custom sized rug is an easy way to bring blue tones into your living spaces.



Blues of different hues work nicely together and add interest to the room so don’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns.   Blues also work well with neutral geometric patterns and basics like leopard, the combination is fresh and unexpected.



A spring table set with a combination of blues is perfect for a warm-weather meal. Textured baskets and chargers bring in the natural elements, and a traditional white plate is always a good base for any table setting. Adding bright blue glasses along with blue and white accent plates is an easy and inexpensive way to add a spring touch to your meals.


Nothing says spring like the trees budding with leaves, when bright green colors return to the barren, gray world. Adding fresh greenery into your home is the perfect way to bring that spring outdoor feeling in. Realistic-looking but faux greenery gives you the effect without the mess and upkeep of live plants, these days home stores have vast collections of pretty fake greenery in decorative containers.



This display mixes greenery with brightly toned books for a nice spring look.  In the winter this buffet holds a coffee/hot chocolate bar, but in the spring it is replaced with a pretty seasonal display area.  Don’t be afraid to use surfaces in your home for different purposes throughout the year just by grouping simple decorative items together.



Decorative open shelves are easy to build and are the perfect place for seasonal updates. Mixing in bright blue and white china along with unexpected pops of bright greenery changes the look and feel of an otherwise functional and neutral kitchen. The blues and the greens mix perfectly together for a quintessential springtime look.



Even more formal areas, like these built-in shelves, are a perfect place to mix in faux greenery like these topiaries. The greenery gives the eye a break from the rows of books and brings a subtle spring touch in an otherwise traditional room.



Finally, real greenery is always a good thing. Floral departments often stock bouquets of greenery along with flowers until nature provides them. The greenery adds texture and interest when just tucked into a small pitcher or glass container; simple touches of nature inside is the perfect way to bring the outdoors in.

One of the hottest fashion colors this spring is blush pink, and since fashion and home decor tend to parallel this is another fun color to incorporate into your seasonal decorating. The softness of pink mixes well with gray, navy and even blues. With its warm undertones it is an easy way to update a traditional room.



Pink can be mixed with gold for an on-trend and upscale look. These fun pink bunny plates are perfect for Easter celebrations, though a pink, cream and gold tablescape is perfect for any sort of spring celebration.



Any or all of these colors will add a fresh spring look to your home decor. If you liked these ideas, here is an easy to pin graphic so you can keep these colors on hand for reference.



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