Hi Creative Home readers! We’re back with a playful sign tutorial that looks professional but is easy to make!

Striped moose head layered sign. Too cute!

To get started, you’ll need 4 pieces of 2×1 (sized 16″ and 20″ long) and a piece of plywood (sized 16″x20″). We purchased a large sheet of plywood at our local home improvement store and had them cut it in thirds so we could get 4 signs from one sheet. You will also need stain (black walnut) and acrylic paint (we used DecoArt’s Steel Gray, Cotton White and Mustard Seed.) Be sure to have a sander, 2″ painters tape and drill ready with 1″ screws.

How to make a distressed striped frame sign. Love the cute moose head on this one!

To make:

  1. Cut your wood.
  2. Stain your 4 pieces of 2×1 and let dry completely.
  3. Paint your plywood white.
  4. Tape in a sideways pattern, 2″ apart until the board is covered.
  5. Paint over the tape in gray.
  6. Assemble the “frame” by screwing the 4 pieces of 2×1 onto the plywood, screwing from the back.
  7. Stain the edges of the plywood to match the “frame.”
  8. Cut a moose head stencil, (download here).
  9. Paint yellow and peel stencil.
  10. Display new sign!

Yes there are a lot of steps, but it is an easy project overall! Here’s a shot of our other 3 boards we got from 1 piece of plywood:

Cute plain and striped distressed signs, ready to display!

Stop by Instagram soon for a looksie at what other fun designs will fill the boards! 😉

Fun striped moose head framed sign tutorial

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