Hey party people! Hope your summer is off to a great start!

We have a small problem at our house.

We are bag hoarders. There, I said it. First step is admitting, right?

Grocery bags are the top dogs. My main squeeze.

We do use them…for walking the dog (I’m just expecting you to read between the lines on that one ;p), to transport lunch, for shipping items, etc.

With 4th of July around the corner, I came up with another way to repurpose the bags!

The main decoration that’s used with old bags is the patriotic bunting.

Here’s what you’ll need to create your own: 

* Paper Bags – It takes two paper bags (like the ones you’d get from Whole Foods or Trader Joes) to make one “fan” of this bunting.

* You’ll also need acrylic paint (it took a little over 1 small bottle of paint for each color), paint brushes (I used a large foam brush & a smaller paint brush) and a star stencil (I actually used a cookie cutter because I didn’t have a stencil).

 – If you don’t have a star stencil or stamp, you can make your own by cutting a star shape out of heavy cardstock.

     * Glue Gun

* Twine

1. Start by cutting off the handles of the bag & the bottom portion. You should be left with a long rectangle.

2. Lay your rectangle flat & paint a red stripe across the bottom & top of the length. I used a large foam brush for this red stripe.

3. With a smaller paint brush, paint a thin stripe (facing inward) next to the red stripe.

4. Finally paint a large navy stripe down the center.

*TIP: These stripes don’t have to be perfectly straight.

5. Once the navy stripe is dry, paint the stars every couple of inches. Like I said, I used a cookie cutter but you can use a stencil, a stamp or make your own.

6. Make sure all the paint is dry, then fold it up accordion-style beginning with the short end.

7. Attach another rectangle (or bag) using a glue gun.

8. Spread these out like a fan and secure by taking a piece of cardstock, generously covering it in glue, and adhering it to the top (back) portion of your fan.

Finally…attach a piece of twine or string to the backs of all your patriotic fans.

In addition to the bunting, I was also able to use the paper bags for a couple other projects.

Remnants became handy silverware holders.

I just cut two rectangular pieces from the paper bags, glued 3 sides together, and decorated with paint. The navy polka-dots were created with the eraser end of a pencil.

I also created a little “Happy 4th” flag for my flower centerpiece using some of the paper bag scraps.

Inspiration for paper bag creations doesn’t stop there…

Use them to create disposable placemats

Paint or draw a fun pattern & use as a table runner

Cut out a circle & fold into a cone shape. Use these to serve chips, fries, popcorn, or other goodies to your guests.

Jazz up plain vases by painting patriotic shapes on the paper, then wrapping it around a vase. Tape to secure & you’ve got a patriotic centerpiece for $0 (plus the cost of flowers)!

Let your creativity explode this 4th of July by creating fun & festive decorations from paper bags…or whatever else you have around the house!

If you are looking for a way to jazz up your glassware, check out this idea using washi tape.

Happy 4th of July!




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