Styling an entryway vignette is a lot easier than you may think, especially when you learn what types of tried and true pieces to include. There are certain items that I typically include in every vignette, and you can modify the arrangement to suit your style and coordinate with your decor. I thought I would put together three separate “looks” to give you some ideas and inspiration for decorating your own entryway.


First, here is a classic neutral entryway with a modern meets traditional feel.


For this setup, I mixed brass with warm wood and black and white accents. I always like to incorporate some sort of plant, flowers, or greenery. Boxes, bowls or containers are great items to include as well, along with a mirror or artwork. I included a watercolor feather painting, a candle, and a brass vase. I’m all about using what you have! A handled ceramic vase holds fresh hydrangeas, and a vintage wooden box found at a thrift store sits beneath a brass dish. Inside the brass dish are geodes (another natural element), painted with gold leaf.




Next, we have a fresh, colorful vignette.


This time, I brought in some beautiful orange tulips for a pop of color, along with a stack of colorful books. I used the same vintage wooden box as I did in vignette number 1, but this time I placed a milk glass vase on top. The brass vase stayed too, but I paired it with a small brass bowl to hold keys—another great item to have on an entryway table since it often becomes a drop zone.



For the third look, I put together a simple modern rustic vignette.


I added some natural rustic elements for this vignette, including a pair of antlers, a moss topiary, and a wooden pedestal bowl placed on top of a stack of books. Inside the bowl are wine corks—a great way to upcycle something that would otherwise be thrown away.


Ultimately, you can’t go wrong if you include a few key items that you love and make you happy when you walk through the door. Varying heights as well as mixed materials help to balance the whole arrangement. Now go play around with creating your own vignette! Gather items from around the house and experiment with grouping them together in different combinations until you find an arrangement you love!