We’re counting down the remaining days of the year, and that means it’s a great time to take a look back at all of our favorite design trends from 2017 and look ahead to what we think will be popular in 2018.

While I certainly pay more attention to what’s current in decorating and design because it’s my business, my number one design rule is that anything goes as long as I love it.  After all, it’s my house, and if my family is comfortable in it, then it doesn’t really matter what the trends say, does it?

If everyone I know is painting wood furniture but I love the patina of natural wood, then of course I put my paintbrush down. It’s also not always cost-effective to make major changes just because we’re told that something is going out of style.  I’ve painted my kitchen cabinets before, but that’s because I love white kitchens, not because I was told it was trendy.   Still, it’s always fun to take a look at what’s considered to be the latest and greatest.

First, let’s take a look at key design trends from this year:


Gray (or grey to our British friends) continued to be the color in 2017.  Gray walls, doors, cabinets, and trim were everywhere in home decor, and I don’t necessarily see that going away any time soon.  Calm and peaceful, gray is a neutral and gives your furniture and fabrics the spotlight.

Gray Walls


Marble and quartz were the natural stone winners this year for countertops; my sources tell me that granite is starting to trend out.  That being said, I won’t be prying up my granite countertops anytime soon!  Quartz is definitely much easier to care for than marble, but I do love the color of marble (it must be those grays again!).

{Guest Bathroom}


{Gallery Wall}

Gallery walls were everywhere this year.  We saw them in entryways (like the photo above), stairways, and bedrooms (like the teen girl’s room below).  They’re a visually pleasing way to group a large number of photos or objects together and fill empty wall space.

Vintage Vogue covers gallery wall | 11 Magnolia Lane

Vintage Vogue Gallery Wall


The current trend in midcentury modern furniture gives proof to the saying that everything old is new again.  The sleek, spare lines of this style are especially popular among millennials.

Eames Chairs


Moving into 2018, warm, cozy, and comfortable are the keywords.

You’ve probably noticed that gold and brass have returned–not the shiny 80’s stuff, but softer, brushed finishes.  It’s perfectly OK to mix metallic finishes, though, so don’t worry about putting gold hardware next to your stainless steel appliances.


Kitchen Redo



Vintage tufted navy blue velvet chair

Blue velvet chair

Tufted velvet furniture is going to be big this year.  These pieces are often in jewel tones and used as accent pieces in otherwise neutral rooms.  That also means that in a few years, we’ll probably see a shift from white and light rooms to ones that are full of color, so get ready!

Blue velvet tufted sofa

Midnight Blue Velvet Kendall Sofa


Library in Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal

Our love for gray is being taken to a whole new level with deep slate and charcoal colors.  They pair best with pale or neutral furniture, which provides great contrast, and create a warm and comfortable feeling.

Master bathroom in browns and grays | 11 Magnolia Lane

Master Bath in Pittsburgh Paints Wicker Basket


Bar carts have been popular on Pinterest for several years, but they’ll continue to go mainstream in 2018.  As part of the casual entertaining movement, they allow guests to serve themselves.  With spontaneous, informal gatherings being the entertainment of choice, bar carts will be big in the new year.

Bar Cart with Wine Rack

What do you think? Let me know in the comments if you’ve spotted any other trends we should know about, and thanks for stopping by!


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