As 2015 wraps up, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2015.  And I kept thinking back to some of my favorite posts, projects and trends that I truly fell in love with in 2015 and decided that I couldn’t wait to share this with you!  So today, I am sharing 12 Trends I Loved in 2015!  But I’d love for you to chime in and tell me what your favorite home trends were in 2015!

12 Trends I Loved in 2015


Mid-Century Modern

The clean lines, interesting shapes and vintage feel to mid-century modern has made a stunning comeback in 2015!  I love the look and feel of it and it is a great style that nearly anyone can incorporate into their home decor!  And this DIY Mid-Century End Table from Pneumatic Addict is one of my favorite projects I’ve seen this year!



Chalkboard all the things!  I love how in this last year we have seen chalkboard grow from using it on small projects, painting entire walls, or pieces of furniture with it, and even new mediums being available in chalkboard finish like vinyl!  Chalkboard paint is easy to buy and apply yourself and it has truly become a trend that has become accessible to all this year!  And I think this Mason Jar Chalkboard from Crafts ‘n Coffee is so super cute.   If you love the chalkboard look without the work, you can snag my FREE Christmas Chalkboard Tags HERE.  And these chalkboard tags on my Laundry Detergent Containers are super cute too!



2015 was the year I fell in love with gold.  Again.  (I liked it in the 80’s too.)  And I love using gold leaf to transform nearly anything into a beautiful gold beauty!  This Gold Leaf Elephant Trinket from Homework is just so lovely!  If you are looking for more DIY gold inspiration, check out my Metallic Gold Honeycomb Dresser, my DIY Gold Arrow Pillows, my Brushed Metallic Rose Gold iPad Holder and my Gold Succulent Tin Cans.



One of my favorite trends is industrial!  I really do just love all things industrial and this DIY Industrial Cabinet is an IKEA Hack that you won’t believe!  See all the details here.  But if you are looking to add just a touch of industrial style to your home, check out my DIY Industrial Ampersand Decor, my post on Industrial Lighting Ideas or my Modern Industrial Nightstand Hack.

Mill View carpet

Hard Surface Floor with Rugs

I love that hardwood floors, concrete floors and tile floors are so popular right now!  They are easy to clean and can be very practical with a family!  They can also be cold, hard and unwelcoming!  So I love adding beautiful rugs to my home and Mohawk’s cut and bound rugs are a great way to add warmth to your floors.  This year I fell in love with Mohawk’s SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet so much that I installed it into a few rooms in my home!  It is the most cleanable carpet and I just love it!  It would make an amazing rug too and I love the diamond pattern of this Mill View carpet in Cool Tavern.  

hand lettered sign


From hand-lettered signs, cards and even home decor, this skill is coming back in full force and I can’t wait to jump on the train!  I love the hand-lettered look, but I will admit I need to practice.  I am not nearly as good at it as many others.  But I simply love this Vintage Hand Lettered Sign from Storypiece and would love to try something similar for my home!


Color-Dipped / Color-Blocked

Color blocked and color dipped are two of my favorite trends right now, but I’ve listed them as one because sometimes, they can be similar!  This is a great way to add a touch of color without going overboard and I love my Gold Color Blocked Cement Planter!  You can find all the details on my blog here.  You might also like this Color Dipped Terrarium, my Gold Dipped Wine Glasses or my Color-Blocked Basket!



Copper.  Oh how I love copper!  I love the warmth, the well-worn feel and the industrial nature of using copper!  And this DIY Copper Clothing Valet from A Designer at Home is just amazing!  I think I need one of these in my home ASAP.



Monograms are still trending in 2015 and I think they will continue to be popular for quite some time.  What I loved about the monograms in 2015 is that they became more widely used in a variety of applications!  Monograms were no longer reserved for linens and the rich, monogram items became accessible to everyone and were used creatively!  I love this Monogram Succulent Planter from Sometimes Homemade and it is a great way to see a traditional idea become trendy!  If you are looking for other easy DIY Monogram ideas, check out my DIY Wood Monogram, my Monogram Succulent Planter (with faux succulents) and my Tearable Monogram Notepad.



Marble has always been timeless, but it has become once again popular in 2015 and I suspect that it will continue to gain traction throughout 2016 as well!  So if you ever wanted to add marble into your home, now is the time to do it!  If you aren’t up for home renovation projects this year, consider adding a touch of marble to your home with these DIY Marble Placemats from Homeology.



Hexagon shaped anything has been extremely popular in 2015!  And this beautiful Hexagon Painted Wall (in ombre none the less!) from A Designer at Home is simply beautiful!  If you love hexagon’s too, you might also love my Hexagon Tile Floors or my DIY Wood Hexagon Catchall.



Succulents are extremely trendy in 2015 and I think they will continue to trend in 2016 as well.  They are a beautiful way to add a bit of life or green into your home and because of their unique shapes and forms, add a bit of texture, shape and interest to your room as well.  My Faux Succulent Wreath is a Pottery Barn Knock-Off for half the cost and one of my favorite projects of 2015!  Read all about it here.  But you might also enjoy my  Monogram Succulent Planter (with faux succulents), my Gold Dipped Terrarium or my Succulent Tin Cans.

repurposing lampshades


Will repurposing every go out of style?  I certainly hope not!  I love taking every day objects you already have in your home and finding new and beautiful uses for them!  Toni’s Design Dazzle shows how to Repurpose Wire Lampshades here and I will admit, I am smitten with it!  I have also had a lot of fun repurposing things like my Vintage Cranberry Bog Crate and my Mason Jar Laundry Soap Containers.