Hey party people!

Every year, I love to think up a creative way to wrap my holiday presents and yes…they must coordinate. My friend, Jordan, said that she almost enjoys being able to creatively wrap a present more than giving what’s inside. Presentation can be such a fun part!

So…to get those creative juices flowin, here are 10 Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas & Inspiration…

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via Martha Stewart

1 | You don’t have to be locked in to the traditional colors. Spread your little color wheel wings & go with another color scheme. You can still add hints of the traditional elements…like the evergreen sprigs.

via Man Made DIY

2 | Have fun with typography! Label each person’s present with their name or initial by cutting it out of a magazine or a newspaper. You could even cut it out of old Christmas cards or paper grocery bags.

via Enter My Attic

3 | Think outside the ribbon! Ribbon can really add up price-wise. Instead, create your own ribbon from regular paper. Use a cutting board to cut long strips, add some glue, and press on to your box. I’ve even used party streamers in place of ribbon before.

via Lines Across

4 | Let others do the work for you! Kids may not have the patience to color their present when they know there’s something inside, but it would definitely give them a fun activity if they have to wait.

via WhipperBerry

5 | Flash back in time…when everyone used feather pens and sealed envelopes with wax. Put your signature on presents by adding a wax seal.

via In Ivy & Twine

6 | Doodle Fun! Talk about budget-friendly. Use plain paper & a white paint pen to make each gift unique and personal.

via Oh So Lovely Vintage

7 | If you’re not a good doodler…just stamp it! Simple kraft paper & colorful paint give these presents instant “smile inducing mojo.”

via Weekday Carnival

8 | Black & White. Keep it simple with black & white. Instead of a person’s name, give them a number (it could be their age or favorite number) to signify which presents belong to them.

via All About You

9 | Washi Tape! Washi tape is my fave. Add messages, designs, patterns or whatever you want wih washi tape.

via Modern Country 

10 | Bring in nature. Add natural elements to gifts. This can be leaves, twigs, evergreen sprigs or even sage.

What is your favorite way to wrap a gift?

Here’s my TIP: The most inexpensive kraft paper is found at your local hardware store! Seriously. Check out the dropcloth section. There is a big roll of thick kraft paper used to line your floor when painting but it makes AWESOME kraft paper. I got my roll over 3 years ago & there is STILL a ton on there! I got mine for $9.99 but haven’t checked the price recently. 

Happy Wrapping!

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